O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'

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The following is the entry for William Honeyman Henderson in William O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'.

HENDERSON, C.B., K.S.F. (Captain, 1838. f-p., 26; h-p., 13.)

William Honyman Henderson is son of the late Alex. Henderson, Esq., of Sempster, Caithness, N.B.
This officer entered the Navy, 25 Dec. 1808, as Fst.-cl. Vol., on board the Hero 74, Capt. Jas. Newman Newman, employed on the North Sea and Baltic stations, where, and in South America, he afterwards, until Oct. 1814, served, as Midshipman and Master's Mate, in the Ardent 64, Capt. Robt. Honyman, and Aquilon and Ceres frigates, Capts. Wm. Pakenham and Wm. Bowles. He was then for some time employed at Newfoundland in the Plover sloop, Capt. John Skekel; after which he joined the Tonnant 80, bearing the flag of Hon. Sir Alex. Cochrane, and on 14 Dec. 1814, previously to participating in the expedition against New Orleans, assisted in the boats of that ship and of a squadron at the capture, on Lake Borgne, of five American gun-boats under Commander Jones, who did not surrender until, in a severe conflict, he had occasioned the British a loss of 17 men killed and 77 wounded. Between June, 1815, and Jan. 1820, Mr. Henderson, we find, was next employed, on the Home, and again on the South American stations, as Master's Mate and Admiralty Midshipman, in the Royal Sovereign 100, Capt. Broughton, Childers 16, Capt. Rich. Wales, Rivoli 74, Capts. Chas. Ogle and Aiskew Paffard Hollis, Dover 28, Capts. John Ross and Chas. Hope Reid, Creole 42, Capts. Wm. Bateman Dashwood and Wm. Bowles, and Superb 74, Capt. Thos. White. On leaving the latter ship he rejoined Capt. Bowles as Acting-Lieutenant on board the Creole, which frigate, however, he quitted soon after his official promotion, which took place on 10 of the following May. His next appointments were – in the course of 1824, to the Seringapatam frigate, Albion 74, and Tribune frigate, Capts. Chas. Sotheby, Sir Wm. Hoste, and Gardiner Henry Guion, on the Portsmouth and Lisbon stations – 20 Feb. 1826, to the Forte 44, Capt. Jeremiah Coghlan – 22 March, 1826, to the Blonde 42, Capt. Lord Byron, in the Pacific – 14 Sept. 1827, to the Columbine sloop, Capts. Chas. Crole and John Townshend, on the Halifax station, whence he returned home and was paid off 1 June, 1830 – in March, 1831, to the Barham 50, Capt. Hugh Pigot – and 7 May, 1831, as First Lieutenant, to the Dublin 50, Capt. Lord Jas. Townshend, with whom he served, again in South America, until 1834, on 2 Oct. in which year the Dublin was put out of commission. Being advanced to the rank of Commander 19 Dec. following, Capt. Henderson, on 9 Sept. 1835, was placed in charge of the Phoenix steamer, and immediately ordered to the coast of Spain, where the importance of his services during the civil war was ultimately acknowledged by his investiture with the second class of the order of San Fernando. He was superseded from the Phoenix on being awarded a Post-commission, dated 27 June, 1838. His next appointment was, 19 June, 1839, to the Gorgon, another steam-vessel, in which he was for three years employed in the Mediterranean – participating during that period in the operations on the coast of Syria, including those against Sidon and St. Jean d'Acre. He was in consequence nominated,a C.B. 18 Dec. 1840. He has been in command, since 25 Aug. 1846, of the Sidon steam-frigate.
Capt. Henderson married, 4 Sept. 1844, Elizabeth Martha, relict of his old Captain, Lord Jas. Townshend. Agents – Goode and Lawrence.

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