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Vessels of the Leda (1800) class

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This table shows all vessels of this class on the books of the Royal Navy in the period 1840-1880.

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Amphitrite1816.04.14WWFifth rate10644618751846 24 gun 6th rate. 1862 lent to contractors at Plymouth
Arethusa1817.07.29WWFifth rate10854618831836 lazarette. 1844 = Bacchus. 1852 c.s.
Trincomalee1817.10.12WWFifth rate10661447461847 26-gun 6th rate. 1861 RNR drillship. 1897 sold as Foudroyant, t.s., 1990 = Trincomalee, preserved
Blanche1819.05.26WWFifth rate10744618651852 h.s.
Fisgard1819.07.08WWFifth rate1068461879

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