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Vessels of the Apollo (1798) class

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This table shows all vessels of this class on the books of the Royal Navy in the period 1840-1880.

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Semiramis1808.07.25WWFifth rate944361844
Owen Glendower1808.11.21WWFifth rate9513618841842 convict ship
Curacoa1809.09.23WWFifth rate956361849
Belvidera1809.12.23WWFifth rate9463619061846 h.s.
Astraea1810.05WWFifth rate9563618511823 h.s.
Galatea1810.08.31WWFifth rate947361849
Havannah1811.03.26WWFifth rate9493619051860 lent as t.s.
Maidstone1811.10.18WWFifth rate9473618651832 r.s. 1839 c.h.
Magicienne1812.08.08WWFifth rate9493618451831 24 gun 6th rate
Barrosa1812.10.12WWFifth rate9473618411823 h.s.
Dartmouth1813.08.28WWFifth rate9523618541831 h.s.
Tartar1814.04.06WWFifth rate9493818591830 r.s.
Brilliant1814.12.28WWFifth rate9543619081843 reduced to 22 guns. 1959 RNR t.s. 1889 = Briton
Pallas1816.04.13WWFifth rate9513618621836 c.h.

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