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Vessels of the Camelion (1860) class

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This table shows all vessels of this class on the books of the Royal Navy in the period 1840-1880.

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Camelion1860.02.23WSSloop (1862: Corvette)952136517188378
Rinaldo1860.03.26WSSloop (1862: Corvette)9511365171884
Pelican1860.07.19WSSloop (1862: Corvette)9521365171869350Sold as Hawk. resold to Portuguese navy as Infanta Dom Henrique. Launched 1860.07.09
Zebra1860.11.13WSSloop (1862: Corvette)9511336171873520
Chanticleer1861.02.09WSSloop (1862: Corvette)950141917187585
Perseus1861.08.21WSSloop (1862: Corvette)95513651719311904 = Defiance II
Rattler1862.03.18WSSloop (1862: Corvette)95012801718683871868.09.24 wrecked China station
Reindeer1866.03.29WSSloop (1862: Corvette)9531365171876393

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