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Vessels of the Druid (1825) class

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This table shows all vessels of this class on the books of the Royal Navy in the period 1840-1880.

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Madagascar1822.11.15WWFifth rate11674618631853 harbour storeship
Druid1825.07.01WWFifth rate1170461863
Nemesis1826.08.19WWFifth rate1168461866Never commissioned
Africaine1827.12.20WWFifth rate1173461903Never commissioned. 1867 Trinity House hulk
Leda1828.04.15WWFifth rate1171461906Never commissioned. 1864 police hulk
Hotspur1828.10.09WWFifth rate11714619021868 = Monmouth
Andromeda1829.01.06WWFifth rate12154618631846 provision hulk. Launched 1829.03
Eurotas1829.02.19WWFifth rate11704618651621856 mortar frigate 2 mortars
Seahorse1830.07.21WWFifth rate12154619021847 screw frigate. 1856 screw mortar frigate. 1870 = Lavinia, c.h.
Stag1830.10.02WWFifth rate1218461866
Forth1833.08.01WWFifth rate121517924418831856 mortar frigate 2 mortars. 1869 = Jupiter, c.h.

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