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Vessels of the Canopus (1798) class

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This table shows all vessels of this class on the books of the Royal Navy in the period 1840-1880.

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Canopus1798aWWThird rate2257841887Was Franklin (French) captured 1798.08.01 at the Nile. 1863 h.s.
Asia1824.01.19WWSecond rate22898419081858 guard ship
Vengeance1824.07.27WWSecond rate22848418971861 r.s.
Powerful1826.06.21WWSecond rate22968418641860 target
Clarence1827.07.25WWSecond rate2288841884Laid down as Goliath. 1872 t.s. 1884.01.17 accidentally burnt on Mersey
Bombay1828.02.17WWSecond rate22798418641861 screw 2783 bm 91 guns. 1864.12.14 accidentally burnt off Montevideo
Thunderer1831.09.22WWSecond rate22798419011863 target. 1869 = Comet. 1870 = Nettle
Monarch1832.12.08WWSecond rate22558418661862 target

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