James Francis Ballard Wainwright R.N.
James Francis Ballard Wainwright R.N.

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James Francis Ballard Wainwright R.N.Explanation
Youngest son of Captain John Wainwright (died 1819)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
26 April 1820 Born (Fareham, Hampshire. England)
1850 Married Francis Isabella (1819-1916), daughter of Sir Francis Augustus Collier R.N. (1785-1849)
23 April 1872 Died (Southsea, Hampshire, England)
Entry in O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
10 October 1832Entered Navy
22 December 1841Lieutenant
21 December 1849Commander
2 November 1853Captain
26 July 1869Rear-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
18 January 184012 May 1840Mate in Rodney, commanded by Captain Robert Maunsell, Mediterranean
29 June 184023 December 1841Mate in Excellent, commanded by Captain Thomas Hastings, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
7 March 184230 April 1846Lieutenant in Winchester, commanded by Captain Charles Eden, Cape of Good Hope
20 May 18462 December 1848Lieutenant in Constance, commanded by Captain Baldwin Wake Walker then Captain George William Conway Courtenay, Pacific
4 April 184925 May 1850Lieutenant in Hastings, commanded by Captain James William Morgan, flagship of Rear-Admiral Francis Augustus Collier, East Indies
19 February 185113 March 1852Agent for mails
19 March 185221 January 1854Commander (2ic) in Winchester, commanded by Granville Gower Loch, flagship of Rear-Admiral Fleetwood Broughton Reynolds Pellew on the East Indies and China station
22 January 185424 September 1854Captain in Winchester
28 April 185718 July 1861Captain in Leopard, West Indies, and temporarily assisting Agamemnon laying the Atlantic cable (initiated 16 August 1858, but stopped working only a couple of weeks later), then flagship of Rear-Admiral Stephen Lushington, south-east coast of America and West Indies
17 January 186216 June 1862Captain in Shannon (from commissioning at Portsmouth), Channel squadron
17 June 186224 September 1864Captain in Black Prince, Channel squadron (second in command)
25 September 186417 September 1869Captain in Terror, guard ship, Bermuda

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