Edmund Heathcote R.N.
Edmund Heathcote R.N.

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Edmund Heathcote R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
24 January 1814 Born (Hursley, Hampshire, England)
12 July 1844 Married, firstly, Elizabeth Lucy (1820-1902, but then divorced), daughter of Lieutenant-General Robert Law (1787-1874)
19 August 1852 Married, secondly, Jessie (1826-1915), daughter of Charles John Hill (1796-1876)
29 October 1881 Died (Fritham, Bramshaw, Southampton, England)
Entry in O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
19 December 1828Entered Navy
10 January 1840Lieutenant
13 June 1849Commander
15 December 1852Captain
1 January 1869Rear-Admiral
1 January 1874Vice-Admiral
1877Retired Vice-Admiral
15 June 1879Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
24 February 184416 April 1846Lieutenant in Eurydice, commanded by Captain George Augustus Elliot, North America and West Indies
26 May 184610 July 1846Lieutenant in Eurydice, commanded by Captain George Augustus Elliot, Portsmouth
7 January 185115 December 1852Commander (2ic) in Cumberland, flagship of Vice-Admiral George Francis Seymour, North America and West Indies
15 December 18521 April 1853Captain in Highflyer, North Ameirca and West Indies
25 February 185411 June 1857Captain in Archer (from commissioning at Woolwich until paying off at Woolwich), the Baltic during the Russian War, then North America and West Indies
7 March 1859April 1861Captain in Doris (from commissioning at Plymouth), Mediterranean
18 February 1861March 1862Captain in Ajax, Coast Guard, Kingstown
18 February 186112 March 1862Captain in Ajax, Coast Guard, Kingstown
4 January 186424 March 1864Captain in Hawke (until paying off at Plymouth), Coast Guard, Queenstown
7 March 186531 January 1866Captain in Frederick William, Coast Guard, Queenstown
May 1871 Commander-in-chief, Queenstown (flag in Mersey, then Revenge)

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