Charles Wright Bonham R.N.
Charles Wright Bonham R.N.

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Charles Wright Bonham R.N.Explanation
Son of Henry Bonham (1777-1830)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
1817 Born
16 August 1853 Married, firstly, Isabella Eliza (1832-1855), daughter of Harris Cooke Hailes (1798-1844)
10 March 1870 Married, secondly, Anne Florence (1838-1873), daughter of Thomas Barnard (b1790)
5 October 1875 Married, thirdly, Kate (183-1928), daughter of Mashiler Helme (b1802)
14 July 1910 Died (Ryde. Isle of Wight, England)
Entry in O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
Obituary in the Times newspaper
21 June 1832Entered Navy
2 June 1843Lieutenant
16 April 1852Commander
25 March 1863Captain
5 November 1868Retired Captain
31 December 1878Retired Rear-Admiral
30 October 1884Retired Vice-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
7 September 18379 October 1838Mate in Pique, commanded by Captain Edward Boxer, North America, West Indies
10 October 183822 July 1842Mate in Actaeon, commanded by Captain Robert Russell, South America
24 February 184315 June 1843Mate in St Vincent, commanded by Captain Richard Freeman Rowley, Portsmouth
1 August 184322 October 1843Lieutenant in Volage, commanded by Captain William Dickson, particular service
23 October 184331 May 1845Lieutenant in Pilot, commanded by Commander William Henry Jervis, East Indies
1 June 184431 July 1844Lieutenant and commander in Sapphire, troop ship, East Indies. Uncertain about this; according to Navy Lists Sapphire was commanded at this time by various Masters (with Bonham as Additional Lieutenant in Cornwallis), but Bonham's service record gives this service in this vessel, and as Lieutenant he could not have been serving under a Master
1 August 184411 July 1846Lieutenant in Vixen, commanded by Commander George Giffard, East Indies (for service in Harlequin?, difficult to read in service record)
2 November 184624 December 1846Lieutenant in Hibernia, commanded by Captain Peter Richards, flagship of Vice-Admiral William Parker, Mediterranean
25 December 184630 June 1848Lieutenant in Trafalgar, commanded by Captain John Neale Nott then Captain Charles Hope, Sheerness, 1846 experimental squadron, then (1847) Channel squadron and Sir William Parker's squadron at Lisbon, then (October 1847), the Mediterranean
27 August 184913 May 1850Lieutenant in Alarm, commanded by Captain George Ramsay, North America and West Indies
14 May 185011 June 1850Lieutenant in Wellesley, commanded by Captain George Goldsmith , North America and West Indies
12 June 18501 August 1850Lieutenant in Victory, commanded by Captain Francis Price Blackwood, flag-ship, Commander-in-chief, Portsmouth
2 August 18516 September 1851Lieutenant in Waterwitch, commanded by Commander Alan Henry Gardner, west coast of Africa
7 September 185122 October 1851Lieutenant in Niger, commanded by Commander Leopold George Heath, west coast of Africa
23 October 185112 March 1852Lieutenant in Penelope, commanded by Henry Lyster, as Flag-Lieutenant to Rear-Admiral Sir Henry William Bruce, west coast of Africa
13 March 185215 April 1852Acting Commander in Wasp, west coast of Africa
16 April 185227 April 1852Commander in Wasp, west coast of Africa
28 April 18522 April 1853Commander in Crane, west coast of Africa
3 April 185322 April 1853Commander (2ic) in Penelope, commanded by Captain Henry Lyster, west coast of Africa
8 August 1860 additional Commander in Victory, commanded by Captain Robert Coote, flag-ship, Commander-in-chief, Portsmouth

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