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Charles Wright Bonham R.N.

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Charles Wright Bonham R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
1816 Born
14 July 1910 Died (Ryde)
21 June 1832Entered Navy
2 June 1843Lieutenant
16 April 1852Commander
25 March 1863Captain
5 November 1868Retired Captain
31 December 1878Retired Rear-Admiral
30 October 1884Retired Vice-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
1 August 1843 Lieutenant in Volage, commanded by William Dickson, particular service
17 October 1843 Additional Lieutenant in Cornwallis, commanded by Peter Richards, flagship of William Parker, East Indies
30 July 18441845Lieutenant in Dido, commanded by Henry Keppel, East Indies
2 November 1846 Lieutenant in Hibernia, commanded by Peter Richards, flagship of William Parker, Mediterranean
29 August 1849 Lieutenant in Alarm, commanded by George Ramsay, North America and West Indies
8 March 1851 Lieutenant in Penelope, commanded by Henry Lyster, as Flag-Lieutenant to Rear-Admiral Sir Henry William Bruce, west coast of Africa
April 1852 Acting Commander in Wasp, west coast of Africa
19 April 1852 Commander in Crane, west coast of Africa
8 August 1860 Commander (2ic) in Victory, commanded by Robert Coote, flag-ship, Commander-in-chief, Portsmouth

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