Alexis Benoit Soyer
Alexis Benoit Soyer

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Alexis Benoit Soyer 
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October 1809 Born (Meaux-en-Brie on the Marne, France).
18211826Apprentice to a cook at Grignon, near Versailles.
June 1830 Second cook to Prince Polignac at the foreign office.
July 1830 Fled to London after July revolution.
1831 Joined a brother in the kitchen of the Duke of Cambridge in London.
18371850Master Cook of the Reform Club, London.
1847 Organised relief kitchens in Dublin for famine victims.
1853 Wrote 'The Pantropheon; or, History of Food'.
1854 Wrote 'A Shilling Cookery'.
18553 May 1857Organised British army field kitchens in Crimea.
18?? Invented 'Soyer Boiler' for field kitchens (illustration).
5 August 1858 Died (London).
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