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William Henry Smith

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William Henry Smith 
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24 June 1825 Born (London).
1849 Member of the managing committee of King's College Hospital.
1855 Elected to the Metropolitan Board of Works.
1858 Married Emily, eldest daughter of Frederick Dawes Danvers, and widow of an old friend, Benjamin Auber Leach.
1865 Head of WH. Smith & Son upon death of his father.
July 1865 Stood unsuccesfully as M.P. for Westminster.
December 1868November 1885M.P. (Liberal-conservative) for Westminster.
February 1874August 1977Financial Secretary to the Treasury in Disraeli's 2nd ministry.
15 August 187713 May 1880First Lord of the Admiralty in Disraeli's 2nd ministry.
1885December 1885Secretary of State for War in Salisbury's 1st ministry.
November 18856 October 1891M.P. for Strand division of Westminster (died in office).
December 1885January 1886Chief secretary for Ireland (until government defeat).
August 1886December 1887Secretary of State for War in Salisbury's 2nd ministry.
December 18866 October 1891First Lord of the Treasury and leader of the House of Commons (died in office).
1 May 18916 October 1891Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports (died in office).
6 October 1891 Died.
10 November 1891 Widow created Viscountess Hambleden, with remainder to Smith's heirs.
Smith was the grandson of the founder of the newsagency of 'WH. Smith & Son'; between 1851 and 1862 he negociated exclusive rights of selling books and newspapers on all the important railways in England.
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