Randolf Isham Routh
Randolf Isham Routh

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Randolf Isham Routh 
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1785 Born?.
November 1805 Entered commissariat department of the army.
9 March 1812 Deputy commissary-general.
26 December 1815 Married at Paris, Ad?le Jos?phine Lamini?re, daughter of one of Bonaparte's civil officers.
15 August 1826 Commissary-general.
1830 Married at Quebec, Marie Louise (1810-1891), daughter of Judge Taschereau and sister of Cardinal Taschereau.
1841 Knighted.
November 1845 Chairman, temporary Relief Commission.
(1846) Head of Commissariat branch of the army in Ireland.
1847October 1848Member, Relief Commission ('Soup Kitchen Act', Feb 1847).
29 April 1848 K.C.B. (Knight Commander of the Bath).
29 November 1858 Died.
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