George Edwin Patey R.N.
George Edwin Patey R.N.

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George Edwin Patey R.N.Explanation
Son of Charles Patey R.N. (1769-1854) and brother of Charles George Edward Patey
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
4 May 1814 Born (Prawle Point, Devon)
1852 Married Mary (1818-1909), daughter of Nicholas Rundle
4 May 1862 Died (in command of Colossus)
4 November 1840Lieutenant
8 July 1846Commander
15 December 1851Captain
Date fromDate toService
15 December 18401 November 1841Lieutenant in Carysfort, commanded by Henry Byam Martin, Mediterranean
9 December 184126 April 1842Lieutenant in Caledonia, commanded by Captain Henry Eden, flagship of Admiral Graham Moore, Plymouth
14 June 184227 July 1842Lieutenant in Wolf, commanded by Commander Courtenay Osburn Hayes, fitting for the East Indies
24 March 18432 April 1845Lieutenant in Wolverene, commanded by Commander Henry Gage Morris then Charles Foreman Brown then William John Cavendish Clifford, East Indies
3 April 18456 September 1847Lieutenant in Agincourt, commanded by Captain Henry William Bruce, flagship of Rear-Admiral Thomas John Cochrane, East Indies
1 December 184711 December 1847Acting commander in San Josef, commanded by Captain Henry John Leeke, Devonport
26 January 18488 March 1848Commander (2ic) in Rodney, commanded by Captain Edward Collier, Mediterranean
11 August 184913 December 1851Commander in Flying Fish, west coast of Africa
28 December 185412 June 1858Captain in Monarch (until paying off at Sheerness), flagship of Rear-Admiral Henry William Bruce, Pacific
10 March 18597 December 1859Captain in Centurion (until paying off at Plymouth), Mediterranean
8 December 185928 January 1860Captain in Centurion (from commissioning at Plymouth), Plymouth
1 January 186131 March 1861Captain in Pembroke, Coast Guard, Harwich
1 April 18614 May 1862Captain in Colossus, Coast Guard, Portland (until he died)

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