Edward Augustus Inglefield R.N.
Edward Augustus Inglefield R.N.

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Edward Augustus Inglefield R.N.Explanation
Eldest son of Rear-Admiral Samuel Hood Inglefield (1783-1847)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
27 March 1820 Born (Cheltenham)
1853 Published 'A summer search for Sir John Franklin; with a peep into the polar basin'.
2 June 1853 F.R.S. (Fellow of the Royal Society)
1 April 1857 Married, firstly, Eliza Fanny (1836-1890), daughter of Edward Johnston of Allerton Hall, near Liverpool
2 June 1869 C.B. (Companion of the Bath)
13 August 1877 Knighted
21 June 1887 K.C.B. (Knight Commander of the Bath)
1891 Chairman of the arts section of the naval exhibition at Chelsea
1893 Married, secondly, Beatrice Maud Mariana (1869-1906), daughter of William Patrick Hodnett (1836-1905), who in 1895 subsequently married Edmund Richard Karl Heinrich (1834-1914), Baron von Haugwitz, of the Grand Dutchy of Mecklenburg
4 September 1894 Died (London)
He was the inventor of the hydraulic steering gear, and of the Inglefield anchor
After retiring he devoted much of his time to painting; his watercolours of Arctic landscapes were exhibited at several art galleries in London
Entry in O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
Obituary in the Times newspaper
6 October 1832Entered Royal Naval College
21 September 1842Lieutenant
18 November 1845Commander
7 October 1853Captain
26 May 1869Rear-Admiral
11 December 1875Vice-Admiral
27 November 1879Admiral
27 March 1885Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
25 November 184225 September 1844Lieutenant in Samarang, commanded by Captain Edward Belcher, East Indies
6 March 184513 September 1845Lieutenant in Eagle, commanded by George Bohun Martin, as flag-lieutenant to his father. Commander-in-chief, South-east coast of America
28 August 184517 November 1845Acting Commander in Comus, South-east coast of America
18 November 184519 April 1846Commander in Comus, during the Anglo-French action in Uruguay
3 August 184715 December 1848Commander in Ringdove, East Indies
16 December 184823 March 1849Acting Captain in Melampus, East Indies
24 March 184923 August 1849Commander in Meeanee (from commissioning at Bombay until paying off at Chatham), for voyage to England
10 July 1852 Commanded Lady Franklin's private steamer, Isabella, on an expedition to Jones Sound and the west coast of Baffin Bay in search of John Franklin
14 July 185325 October 1853Commander in Phoenix (from commissioning at Deptford until paying off), to bring supplies to Sir Edward Belcher's expedition at Beechey Island, Barrow Strait (Assistance, Belcher; Pioneer, Sherard Osborn, tender to Assistance; Resolute, Henry Kellett) and Intrepid, Francis Leopold McClintock, tender to Resolute). He returned with the news of the discovery of the north-west passage by Robert John Le Mesurier McClure
21 February 185425 October 1854Captain in Phoenix (from commissioning at Woolwich until paying off at Woolwich), returning, together with Talbot (Samuel Gurney Cresswell), to Beechey Island to re-supply Edward Belcher's ships, Inglefield succeeded in bringing home most of the personnel of Investigator (abandoned by Robert John le Mesurier McClure in the Prince of Wales Strait after successfully passing through the North-West Passage from the Bering Strait) and the four vessels of Belcher's expedition, which the latter also abandoned
14 July 185528 February 1856Captain in Firebrand, Black Sea during the Russian War
29 February 185630 July 1856Captain in Sidon (until paying off), Mediterranean
4 January 186119 April 1864Captain in Majestic, Coast Guard, Liverpool
18 April 18664 January 1868Captain in Prince Consort, in the channel and the Mediterranean
10 December 186810 March 1869Additional captain in Royal Adelaide, commanded by Captain George William Preedy, Devonport, flag-ship of the Port Admiral
9 August 187231 January 1876Superintendent of Malta dockyard, flag in Hibernia
1 April 187827 November 1879Commander in Chief, North America and West Indies, flag in Bellerophon

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