Henry Caldwell R.N.
Henry Caldwell R.N.

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Henry Caldwell R.N.Explanation
Son of Charles Andrew Caldwell (1785-1859) of New Grange, Co Meath, Ireland, and Grandson of Sir Benjamin Caldwell
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
24 February 1815 Born (London)
16 June 1858 Married Mary Eleanor (1834-1926), youngest daughter of the late John Smith, Lieutenant, 56th Regement
7 April 1868 Died
22 April 1828Entered Navy
24 March 1835Mate
26 November 1841Lieutenant
23 December 1847Commander
12 August 1853Captain
Date fromDate toService
2 October 1842 Lieutenant in Excellent, commanded by Thomas Hastings, gunnery-ship, Portsmouth
31 May 184320 April 1847Lieutenant in Inconstant, commanded by Charles Howe Fremantle, Mediterranean
28 May 184712 December 1847Lieutenant in Excellent, commanded by Captain Henry Ducie Chads, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
13 December 184713 January 1848Lieutenant in Prince Regent, commanded by Captain William Fanshawe Martin, Channel squadron
31 January 18488 March 1851Commander (2ic) in Powerful, commanded by Captain Richard Saunders Dundas (Portsmouth), Mediterranean
9 March 185118 May 1852Commander (2ic) in Prince Regent, commanded by Commodore William Fanshawe Martin, Channel squadron
20 May 185216 August 1853Commander (2ic) in Prince Regent, commanded by Frederick Hutton, flagship of Armar Lowry Corry, Channel squadron
19 February 18554 April 1857Captain in Duke of Wellington (until paying off at Portsmouth), flagship of Rear-Admiral Richard Saunders Dundas, the Baltic during the Russian War
4 April 185727 March 1857Captain in Duke of Wellington, flagship of Rear-Admiral Richard Saunders Dundas, Mediterranean
4 March 185913 August 1862Captain in Mersey (from commissioning at Portsmouth until paying off at Portsmouth), Channel squadron, then (1860) North America and West Indies
5 November 186325 February 1864Captain in Royal Adelaide, Devonport, flag-ship of the Port Admiral
26 February 18647 May 1866Captain in Asia, guard-ship of Ordinary, Portsmouth
1866 Aide-de-camp to Queen Victoria
8 May 186627 July 1867Commodore in Seringapatam, receiving ship, Cape of Good Hope

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