David Boswell Reid
David Boswell Reid

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David Boswell Reid 
Second son of educational reformer Dr Peter Reid.
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1805 Born (Edinburgh).
12 July 1830 Medical diploma at Edinburgh University.
2 August 1831 Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh.
1833 Set up teaching laboratory for practical and theoretical chemistry.
18401845Designed ventilation system for Sir Charles Barry's new Houses of Parliament.
1840 Designed ventilation system for Harvey Lonsdale Elmes' St Georges Hall, Liverpool.
18431848Member of Commission on 'Health of Towns'.
1844 Published 'Illustrations of the Theory and Practice of Ventilation'.
1847 Moved to London.
1856 Moved to United States.
1856 Medical inspector to the sanitary commission of the United States.
5 April 1863 Died (Washington).
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