Rev. George Percy Badger
Rev. George Percy Badger

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Rev. George Percy Badger 
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1815 Born.
18??18??Early years in Malta.
18351836At Beir?t, improving his Arabic.
1841 Returned to London.
18421844Delegate to the Nestorians of Kurdistan.
1842 Ordained priest.
1845 Government chaplain at Bombay.
1846 Chaplain at Aden.
1850 Delegate to the Nestorians of Kurdistan.
1852 Wrote 'The Nestorians and their Rituals'.
1860 Coadjutor with Colonel (Sir) William Marcus Coghlan to settle the succession of the Sultanate of Zanzibar.
18721873Advisor to Frere Mission to Zanzibar.
1873 Knight commander of the order of the Crown of Italy.
1878 Negotiator regarding (unsuccessful) 'Mackinnon concession' at Zanzibar.
1880 Nominated by the Sultan of Zanzibar a knight of the Gleaming Star.
1881 Published 'An English-Arabic Lexicon'.
21 February 1888 Died.
He was the first Englishman to write about the Church of the East from real acquaintance, and also the first to make a serious case that its doctrine was not, from a catholic point of view, heretical.
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