George Maclean
George Maclean

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George Maclean 
Second son of Rev James Maclean.
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24 February 1801 Born (Keith).
18 January 1815May 1817Ensign in 27th Regiment of Foot, the Inniskillens, in which his uncle, Sir John Maclean, was Colonel.
May 1818 Ensign in 91st Regiment of Foot, the Argylshires at Valenciennes.
7 January 1819 With regiment in Richmond barracks, Dublin.
July 1821 Put on half pay, and exchanged with officer of 88th Foot, the Connaught Rangers.
17 August 1826 Lieutenant in Royal African Colonial Corps.
December 1826 Arrived in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
August 1827July 1828Secretary to acting governor of Sierra Leone, Lt-Col. Hugh Lumley.
30 September 1828 Sailed for leave of absence in England.
15 February 1830March 1843President of the 'Council of Merchants' ('Governor') governing Cape Coast Castle.
26 June 1836 Sailed for leave of absence in England.
28 April 1838 Appointed Captain 'during the period of his employment on the Gold Coast'.
7 June 1838 Married Letitia Elizabeth Landon ('L.E.L., q.v.) in London.
5 July 1838 Sailed for Cape Coast Castle.
1 August 1838 Resumed Presidency at Cape Coast Castle.
3 March 1843 Judicial Assessor at Cape Coast Castle, upon resumption of British government control of the coast.
29 July 1844 Sailed for leave of absence in England (via United States).
1 April 1846 Resumed post as Judicial Assessor at Cape Coast Castle.
22 May 1847 Died of dysentry.
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