John Fulford R.N.
John Fulford R.N.

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John Fulford R.N.Explanation
Son of Baldwin Fulford (1775-1847)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
16 February 1809 Born (Great Fulford, Devonshire)
6 June 1844 Married Isabella (1815-1893), daughter of John Russell
15 February 1888 Died (Riversfield, Wiltshire)
Entry in O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
Obituary in the Times newspaper
6 December 1821Entered Royal Naval College
5 March 1828Mate
29 July 1831Lieutenant
4 November 1840Commander
1 May 1848Captain
2 April 1866Rear-Admiral
1 April 1870Retired Rear-Admiral
7 May 1872Retired Vice-Admiral
5 August 1877Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
14 February 18337 May 1833Lieutenant in Donegal, commanded by Captain Arthur Fanshawe, Lisbon, flag of Vice Admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm
17 May 183321 August 1834Lieutenant in Britannia, Lisbon, flag of Vice Admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm
1 December 183519 April 1838Lieutenant in Orestes, commanded by Commander Henry John Codrington then Commander Julius James Farmer Newell then Commander William Holt, Mediterranean
8 September 183825 October 1838Lieutenant in Princess Charlotte, commanded by Captain Arthur Fanshawe, Mediterranean
26 October 183820 January 1841Lieutenant in Talbot, commanded by Captain Henry John Codrington, Mediterranean (including operations on the coast of Syria in 1840)
31 July 184123 May 1842Commander (2ic) in Benbow, commanded by Captain Houston Stewart, Mediterranean
27 May 18422 July 1842Additional Commander in Camperdown, commanded by Captain Francis Brace, Sheerness
18 July 18443 November 1845Coast Guard, Hastings, Sussex
4 November 18456 September 1848Commander (2ic) in President, commanded by William Pearse Stanley, flagship, Cape of Good Hope
23 February 185423 May 1856Captain in Conway (from commissioning at Portsmouth), flagship of Rear-Admiral William Fairbrother Carroll, Queenstown
24 May 18565 April 1857Captain in Hogue, flagship of Rear-Admiral Henry Ducie Chads, Queenstown
25 June 185715 May 1860Captain in Ganges, flagship of Rear-Admiral Robert Lambert Baynes, Pacific
3 July 186311 April 1866Captain in Formidable, flagship of Vice-Admiral George Robert Lambert, then Charles Talbot, Sheerness

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