Humphry Lloyd
Humphry Lloyd

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Humphry Lloyd 
Eldest son of the Rev Bartholomew Lloyd.
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4 December 1802 Born.
1819 B.A. and Junior Fellow, Trinity College, Dublin.
1827 M.A. Trinity College, Dublin.
18?? Supervisor of Trinity College magnetic observatory (instruments devised by him and constructed under his superintendence).
18?? Member of British Association committee which resulted in programme for world wide observation of terrestrial magnetism.
18311843Erasmus Smith's professor of natural and experimental philosophy (succeeding his father).
1833 Experimental demonstration of conical refraction in biaxial crystals (as predicted by Sir William Rowan Hamilton).
1840 D.D. (Doctor of Divinity), Trinity College, Dublin.
July 1840 Married Dorothea, only daughter of the Rev James Bulwer, rector of Hunworth-cum-Stody, Norfolk.
1843 Senior fellow, Trinity College, Dublin.
18461851President of Royal Irish Academy.
1862 R.I.A Cunningham gold medal.
1862 Vice-provost, T.C.D.
1867 Provost, T.C.D.
17 January 1881 Died (Dublin).
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