Richard Lemon Lander
Richard Lemon Lander

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Richard Lemon Lander 
Fourth of six children of the landlord of the Fighting Cocks (later: Dolphin) Inn.
Date (from)(Date to)Event
8 February 1804 Born (Truro).
18171818Servant to merchant in West Indies.
18231824Servant to Maj W.M.G. Colbrooke in Cape Colony.
18251828Servant to Lt Hugh Clapperton on his second, fatal, expedition to West Africa, returning alone from Sokoto.
1828 Weighing porter at Truro Customs House.
9 January 1830 Sailed from Portsmouth, with his brother John, on own expedition to the Niger.
19 September 1830 Commenced descent of Niger from Bussa by canoe.
November 1830 Reached mouth of Niger.
9 June 1831 Arrived at Portsmouth via Rio de Janeiro.
1832 Accompanied Macgregor Laird's commercial expedition to the Niger in the steamers Quorra en Alburkah.
February 1834 Died at Fernando Po from wounds received in attack by Brass River natives at Ingiamma (leaving wife and one daughter).
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