Francis Augustus Collier R.N.
Francis Augustus Collier R.N.

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Francis Augustus Collier R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
August 1788 Born
8 December 1815 C.B. (Companion of the Bath)
28 July 1830 Knighted
14 March 1831 Married, secondly, Catherine, daughter of Thomas Thistlethwaite, of Southwick Park, Hampshire
1 January 1833 K.C.H. (Knight Commander of the Royal Guelphic Order)
1837 Naval Aide-de-camp to Queen Victoria
28 October 1849 Died (of apoplexy, Hong Kong)
11 April 1803Lieutenant
25 January 1805Commander
13 December 1808Captain
9 November 1846Rear-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
27 February 180515 November 1805Commander in Alligator, troopship
14 October 180521 February 1805Commander in Nimrod, sloop
6 March 180610 July 1808Commander in Wolverine (1805, brig-sloop)
11 July 180827 November 1808Commander in Star, sloop
3 September 1810February 1812Captain in Cyane, Mediterranean, Channe en West Indies
February 1812 Captain in Dragon, flagship of Francis Laforey, Leeward Islands
10 October 18122 August 1815Captain in Grampus, West Indies and China
11 February 18181822Captain in Liverpool, anti-piracy duty in the Persian Gulf (until ship sold at Bombay)
1822October 1822Captain in Ganges, bringing this newly built ship home from Bombay
4 December 18261830Commodore in Sybille (captured from French 1794, fifth rate), west coast of Africa
18321832Captain in Vernon, particular service
17 December 184116 January 1844Captain in William and Mary, Woolwich, and Superintendent of Woolwich Dockyard
16 January 184430 April 1846Commodore in William and Mary, Woolwich, and Superintendent of Woolwich Dockyard
30 April 1846 Commander-in-chief, Channel squadron (flag in St Vincent)
7 April 184828 October 1849Commander-in-chief, East Indies and China (until he died) (flag in Hastings)

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