Henry William Bruce R.N.
Henry William Bruce R.N.

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Henry William Bruce R.N.Explanation
Third son of Rev. Sir Henry Hervey Aston Bruce
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
2 February 1792 Born (Londonderry)
9 February 1822 Married, firstly, Jane (died 22 June 1830), second daughter of Admiral Sir Alexander Inglis Cochrane
13 March 1832 Married, secondly, Mary Minchin, youngest daughter of Colonel George Dalrymple
28 June 1861 K.C.B. (Knight Commander of the Bath)
14 December 1863 Died (Fairfield, Liverpool)
1803Entered Navy
5 January 1810Lieutenant
27 May 1814Commander
16 November 1821Captain
30 July 1852Rear-Admiral
2 October 1857Vice-Admiral
27 April 1863Admiral
Date fromDate toService
27 May 1814 Commander in Manly (1812, gun-brig), coast of USA
1815 Commander in Rover (1808, brig-sloop)
16 March 1821 Commander in Sappho (1806, brig-sloop)
4 October 1823 Captain in Britannia, flagship of Alexander Inglis Cochrane, Plymouth
7 June 18366 December 1839Captain in Imogene, south-east coast of America
1 February 1842May 1845Captain in Agincourt (from commissioning at Plymouth), flagship of Rear-Admiral Thomas John Cochrane (his brother-in-law), East Indies
26 November 184726 May 1849Captain in Queen (until paying off at Plymouth), Mediterranean
20 May 1851 Commodore, west coast of Africa (flag in Penelope)
25 November 18548 July 1857Commander-in-chief, Pacific (flag in President then Majestic)
1 March 18601 March 1863Commander-in-chief, Portsmouth (flag in Victory)

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