Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconfield
Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconfield

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Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconfield 
Second child and eldest son of Isaac D'Israeli, a Jewish literary critic and historian who had Benjamin baptised in the Church of England, following a dispute with their synagogue
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21 December 1804 Born
1821 Articled to a solicitor
1826 Wrote 'Vivian Grey', his first novel
27 July 183729 June 1841M.P. (Tory) for Maidstone
1838 Married Mary Anne Lewis, widow of Wyndham Lewis
30 July 184130 July 1847M.P. for Shrewsbury
4 August 184722 September 1876M.P. for Buckinghamshire
27 February 185217 December 1852Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Earl of Derby's first government
26 February 185811 June 1859Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Earl of Derby's second government
6 July 186629 February 1868Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Earl of Derby's third government
28 February 18689 December 1868Prime Minister, after Derby resigned on grounds of ill health, and until defeated on an opposition Irish Church resolution. He introduced a far-reaching Parliamentary Reform Act, which also necessitated a new election, which was wond by Gladstone's Liberals
20 February 187428 April 1880Prime Minister for the second time, until he dissolved parliament in a period of economic depression and mounting unemployment, after by-election results seemed - incorrectly - to indicate an increase in Conservative popularity. Gladstone's 2nd government took over.
12 August 1876 Elevated to the peerage as 1st Earl of Beaconfield, and Viscount Hughenden
19 April 1881 Died

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