Henry Frederick Nicholson R.N.
Henry Frederick Nicholson R.N.

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Henry Frederick Nicholson R.N.Explanation
Son of William Henry Nicholson (1799-1880)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
21 October 1835 Born
7 February 1874 Married Francis Ann Thompson (St Johns, New Brunswick, Caneda)
22 June 1897 K.C.B.
17 October 1914 Died (Newlands, Ware, Hertfordshire)
June 1849Entered Navy
7 July 1855Mate
17 December 1857Lieutenant
11 April 1866Commander
20 July 1869Captain
22 June 1886Rear-Admiral
25 February 1892Vice-Admiral
16 September 1897Admiral
11 December 1897Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
7 July 185510 December 1856Mate in Vestal, commanded by Captain Thomas Pickering Thompson, North America and West Indies
20 February 185720 December 1857Mate in Excellent, commanded by Captain Richard Strode Hewlett, gunnery ship, Portsmouth (replaced by Excellent)
24 December 18578 May 1858Lieutenant in Excellent, commanded by Captain Richard Strode Hewlett, gunnery ship, Portsmouth (replaced by Excellent)
9 May 18582 April 1859Lieutenant in Brunswick, commanded by Captain Erasmus Ommanney, Channel squadron
1 May 185919 December 1864Lieutenant in Cambridge, commanded by Captain Arthur William Jerningham then Captain Leopold George Heath then Captain Charles Joseph Frederick Ewart, gunnery ship, Devonport
20 December 186412 December 1865Lieutenant in Magicienne, commanded by Captain William Armytage, Mediterrnean
19 December 186520 March 1866Additional Lieutenant in Cumberland, commanded by Captain George Granville Randolph, guard ship of the steam reserve, Sheerness, for service in Bellerophon
21 March 186623 March 1866Additional Lieutenant in Asia, commanded by Captain Henry Caldwell, guard-ship of Ordinary, Portsmouth, for service in Bellerophon
24 March 186624 April 1866Lieutenant in Bellerophon, commanded by Captain Edward Tatham, Channel squadron
1 October 186627 December 1866Commander (2ic) in Endymion, commanded by Captain Charles Wake, Mediterranean
1 January 186713 January 1867Additional commander in Victory, commanded by Captain Hon. Francis Egerton, flag-ship, Commander-in-chief Portsmouth, for service in Royal Alfred
14 January 18672 August 1869Commander (2ic) in Royal Alfred, commanded by Captain Walter Cecil Talbot, flagship of Vice-Admiral George Rodney Mundy on the North America and West Indies station
3 August 18692 December 1869Captain in Eclipse
24 September 187015 January 1874Captain in Royal Alfred, flagship of Vice-Admiral Edward Gennys Fanshawe on the North America and West Indies station
19 February 187530 April 1877Attending Royal Naval College
1 May 187730 April 1880Naval Attaché to the Courts of Europe
1 May 18808 December 1880Captain in Penelope, Ship of First Reserve, Coast Guard and Drill Ship of Naval Reserve, Harwich and Flagship of Rear-Admiral the Duke of Edinburgh, Admiral Superintendent of Naval Reserves
9 December 188021 April 1884Captain in Temeraire, Mediterranean
21 June 188416 July 1885Captain in Asia, flagship of Rear-Admiral Frederick Anstruther Herbert, Guardship of Reserve, Portsmouth
1 July 18851 July 1886Captain Superintendent of Sheerness Dockyard, pennant in Duncan
1 June 188713 June 1890Member of the Ordnance Committee
1 September 189010 August 1892Commander-in-Chief, Cape of Good Hope and west coast of Africa, flag in Raleigh
10 June 189610 December 1897Commander-in-Chief, the Nore

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