George Tryon R.N.
George Tryon R.N.

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George Tryon R.N.Explanation
Third son of Thomas Tryon (1803-1872) of Bulwick Park, Northamptonshire
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
4 January 1832 Born (Bulwick, Northamptonshire)
5 April 1869 Married Clementina Charlotte 1833-1922), daughter of Gilbert John Heathcote (1795-1867), first Lord Aveland
21 June 1887 K.C.B. (Knight Commander of the Bath)
September 1887 Unsuccessful Conservative candidate for the constituency of Spalding
22 June 1893 Died (while in command of the Mediterranean fleet in VictoriaExternal link, when rammed by CamperdownExternal link off the coast of Syria)
Obituary in the Times newspaper
1848Entered Navy
21 October 1854Lieutenant
25 October 1860Commander
11 April 1866Captain
1 April 1884Rear-Admiral
13 August 1889Vice-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
17 March 185420 October 1854Mate in Vengeance, commanded by Captain Lord Edward Russell, Mediterranean
21 October 185423 April 1855Lieutenant in Britannia, commanded by Captain Thomas Wren Carter, Mediterranean (and Black Sea during the Russian War)
30 June 185524 August 1858Lieutenant in Royal Albert, commanded by Captain William Robert Mends, flagship of Rear-Admiral Edmund Lyons, Mediterranean (and in the Black Sea during the Russian War)
4 November 185827 October 1860Lieutenant in Victoria and Albert, commanded by Captain Joseph Denman, Portsmouth
20 June 186112 July 1861Additional commander in Fisgard, commanded by Frederick William Erskine Nicolson, Woolwich, for service in Warrior
13 August 186110 August 1864Commander (2ic) in Warrior, commanded by Captain Arthur Auckland Leopold Pedro Cochrane, Channel squadron
11 August 186424 April 1866Commander in Surprise (until paying off at Plymouth), Mediterranean
31 August 186730 August 1868Director of transports in Annesley Bay, Eritrea, during the Abyssinian expeditionExternal link, carried on the books of Octavia , captain Colin Andrew Campbell flagship of Commodore Leopold George Heath
31 August 18685 November 1868Additional captain in Fisgard, commanded by Commodore William Edmonstone, Woolwich, for the aftermath of the Abyssinian expeditionExternal link
25 April 18718 October 1873Private secretary to George Joachim Goschen, First Lord of the Admiralty
3 December 187312 January 1874Additional Captain in Fisgard, commanded by Staff-Commander John Palmer, Greenwich, for service in Raleigh
13 January 18747 June 1877Captain in Raleigh (from commissioning at Chatham), 1875 Detached squadron, then in attendance on the Prince of Wales during his tour in India, then the Mediterranean
17 October 187828 January 1882Captain in Monarch (until paying off at Malta), Mediterranean, including Sir Geoffrey Thomas Phipps Hornby's squadron in the Sea of Marmora, and in 1880 1880 with Sir Frederick Beauchamp Paget Seymour's international demonstration against the Turks in the Adriatic
13 June 18821 April 1884Permanent Secretary of the Admiralty
12 November 18841 February 1887Commander-in-chief, Australia, flag in Nelson
June 1887 Member of a committee for the revision of the signal-book and the manual of fleet evolutions
17 April 188830 August 1891Admiral Commanding Reserves (and thus commander one of the opposing fleets in the summer manoeuvres), flag in Hercules then Northumberland
20 August 189122 June 1893Commander-in-chief, Mediterranean (until drowned when VictoriaExternal link was rammed by CamperdownExternal link off the coast of Syria), flag in Victoria

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