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Charles Johnstone R.N.

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Charles Johnstone R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
8 October 1843 Born
1878 Married Janet, daughter of G. Schonswar, J.P., D.L.
2 December 1927 Died (Ruthwell, Dumfriesshire)
August 1857Entered Navy
15 March 1865Lieutenant
9 August 1877Commander
21 November 1883Captain
19 October 1898Retired Captain
6 January 1899Retired Rear-Admiral
31 August 1903Retired Vice-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
17 April 1865 Lieutenant in Serpent, commanded by Charles James Bullock, China
1 March 1880 Commander in Egeria, China
30 June 1882January 1884Commander in Dryad, East Indies (and senior officer at Tamatave, Madagascar, during the French attack of 1883; promoted to Captain for the tact and ability displayed in protecting British interests)
9 September 1885 Captain in Volage
18 June 1889 Captain in Mercury, for the Naval Manoeuvres
20 August 1889 Captain in Camperdown, Mediterranean (in command on 22 June 1893 when Camperduin was in collision with - and sunk - Victoria, after which the Admiralty felt bound "to express their regret that he did not manifest the promptitude and decision demanded for the security of the ship under his command, and to diminish the risk of collision").
15 May 189619 October 1898Flag Captain of Devonport Naval Barracks

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