Henry Hand R.N.
Henry Hand R.N.

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Henry Hand R.N.Explanation
Son of Thomas Hand (1805-1874)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
9 September 1834 Born (Guildford, Surrey, England)
17 January 1866 Married Anne (1845-1931), daughter of John McCheane (1814-1873)
10 December 1889 Died (Southampton, Hampshire, England)
14 January 1857Lieutenant
25 October 1867Commander
18 April 1877Captain
Date fromDate toService
5 December 185724 December 1858Lieutenant in Vesuvius, commanded by Charles Wise, west coast of Africa
25 December 18586 July 1859Lieutenant and commander in Buffalo, west coast of Africa
7 July 18597 September 1859Lieutenant in Archer, commanded by Commander Richard William Courtenay, west coast of Africa
24 April 186031 December 1860Lieutenant and commander in Brunetender, west coast of Africa
1 January 186110 May 1861Lieutenant in Alecto, commanded by Commander Henry James Raby, west coast of Africa (and later supernumerary Lieutenant in Bloodhound)
17 September 186118 January 1864Lieutenant in Hecate, commanded by Captain George Henry Richards, surveying Vancover Island
11 April 18641 November 1865Lieutenant in Himalaya, commanded by Captain Edward Lacy then Captain Thomas Bridgeman Lethbridge
8 March 186627 June 1866Lieutenant in Duke of Wellington, commanded by Captain Charles Fellowes, training ship for seamen, Portsmouth
28 June 186624 December 1867Lieutenant and commander in Oberon, west coast of Africa (on passage home from 25 December 1867)
25 November 186827 May 1869Commander (2ic) in Hector, commanded by Captain Algernon Frederick Rous De Horsey, Ship of First Reserve, Coast Guard, Southampton Water (and, May 1869, cruise of the Reserve Fleet)
28 May 18697 October 1869Commander (2ic) in Endymion, commanded by Captain Edward Lacy, 1869 Detached squadron
8 October 18697 April 1870Acting captain in Barrosa, 1869 Flying Squadron
8 April 187030 November 1870Commander (2ic) in Endymion, commanded by Captain Edward Lacy, 1869 Detached squadron
7 July 187122 February 1872Coast Guard Inspecting officer, Dublin
23 February 187221 February 1875Commander in St Vincent, training ship, Portsmouth
14 July 18759 July 1877Commander in Vestal (from commissioning at Portsmouth), East Indies
8 June 188010 August 1881Captain in Euphrates
24 November 188130 September 1882Captain in Malabar
1 October 188230 June 1883Captain in Crocodile
1 July 18835 December 1883Captain in Malabar
12 August 18846 September 1885Captain in Garnet, North America and West Indies
24 July 18869 November 1889Commodore of the 2nd class in Urgent, Depôt ship, Jamaica

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