Hugh Campbell R.N.
Hugh Campbell R.N.

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Hugh Campbell R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
28 January 1837 Birth (Long Ditton, Surrey, England)
8 September 1868 Married Lucy Eleanor (1847-1882), daughter of (army) Captain Clement Robert Archer (1809-1882)
12 February 1877 Died (of typhoid fever, Hampton Court Palace)
4 March 1858Lieutenant
19 July 1866Commander
1 January 1872Captain
Date fromDate toService
28 June 185813 December 1859Lieutenant in Scourge, commanded by Commander Prince Victor F F E G A C F Hohenlohe-Langenberg, Mediterranean
14 December 18598 February 1862Lieutenant in Scourge, commanded by Commander William Gore Jones, Mediterranean
29 January 186317 July 1866Lieutenant in Racoon, commanded by Captain Prince Victor F F E G A C F Hohenlohe-Langenberg, West Indies, then (April 1864) the Mediterranean, then (March 1866) Queenstown
4 December 186623 January 1867Additional commander in Royal Adelaide, commanded by Captain George William Preedy, Devonport, flag-ship of the Port Admiral, for service in Galatea
24 January 186713 October 1868Commander (2ic) in Galatea, commanded by Captain Duke of Edinburgh, undertaking an extensive world tour to South America, the Cape, Australia, China, India and Japan (interrupted on 12 March 1868, by a Fenian assassination attempt at Sydney, when the ship returned to England to allow him to recover)
1 January 186926 February 1872Commander in Victoria and Albert, Portsmouth
1 January 187418 February 1875Captain of the Royal Naval College, Greenwich
19 February 18751 March 1875Additional captain in Duncan, commanded by Captain Charles Thomas Curme, Sheerness, for service in Undaunted
2 March 18752 October 1875Captain in Undaunted (from commissioning at Sheerness), flagship of Rear-Admiral Reginald John James George Macdonald, East Indies, until invalided
(17 February 1876)20 October 1876Captain in Bellerophon, North America and West Indies
1 January 187712 February 1877Captain in Victoria and Albert, Portsmouth, until he died

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