Thomas Bridgeman Lethbridge R.N.
Thomas Bridgeman Lethbridge R.N.

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Thomas Bridgeman Lethbridge R.N.Explanation
Son of Robert Lethbridge, R.N. (c1790-1864)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
28 October 1829 Born (Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia)
4 May 1854 Married Maria Hannah Elizabeth (c1828-1896), daughter of Henry Servante (1795-1876), at Malta
30 December 1892 Died (London)
Obituary in the Times newspaper
1843Entered Navy
21 February 1848Mate
16 October 1848Lieutenant
7 September 1857Commander
19 September 1863Captain
30 December 1878Rear-Admiral
27 March 1885Vice-Admiral
2 August 1890Admiral
5 August 1890Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
21 February 184828 June 1848Mate in Excellent, commanded by Captain Henry Ducie Chads, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
29 June 184815 October 1848Mate in Victoria and Albert, commanded by Captain Lord Adolphus Fitzclarence, Portsmouth
19 October 184822 June 1849Lieutenant in Excellent, commanded by Henry Ducie Chads, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
23 June 18493 May 1852Lieutenant in Queen, commanded by Captain Charles Wise, Mediterranean
4 May 18527 September 1857Lieutenant in Excellent, commanded by Henry Ducie Chads then Captain Thomas Maitland, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
30 November 185725 September 1861Commander (2ic) in Renown, commanded by Arthur Forbes, Channel squadron
21 April 186225 November 1863Commander in Adventure, troopship
20 June 18658 October 1856Captain in Himalaya, troopship
22 November 186529 January 1866Additional captain in Victory, commanded by Captain Francis Scott, Portsmouth, for service in Simoom
30 January 18669 April 1870Captain in Simoom (until paying off at Portsmouth), troopship
13 May 187016 August 1870Additional captain in Duke of Wellington, commanded by Captain George Hancock, Portsmouth, for service in Trafalgar
17 August 18708 June 1872Captain in Trafalgar (from commissioning at Portsmouth until paying off at Portsmouth), seagoing naval cadet training ship
1 October 187328 July 1875Captain in Northumberland, flagship of Rear-Admiral George Hancock, then Rear-Admiral Lord John Hay, second in command, Channel squadron
29 July 18758 April 1877Captain in Black Prince, flagship of Rear-Admiral Lord John Hay, then (1 Jan 1877) Rear-Admiral Augustus Phillimore second in command, Channel squadron
(20 September 1877)2 January 1879Captain in Duncan, Sheerness
10 April 188328 March 1885Commander-in-chief, Queenstown, Ireland, flag in Revenge
2 July 18884 August 1890Commander-in-chief, the Nore, flag in Duncan then (1 April 1889) Wildfire

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