Robert Gibson R.N.
Robert Gibson R.N.

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Robert Gibson R.N.Explanation
Son of Charles Gibson (1790-1832)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
27 January 1829 Born (Lancaster, Lancashire)
24 March 1874 Died (Lancaster, Lancashire)
6 March 1848Mate
16 January 1849Lieutenant
9 August 1858Commander
25 March 1863Captain
Date fromDate toService
6 March 18486 April 1848Mate in Amazon, commanded by Captain James John Stopford, Lisbon, and the Mediterranean
22 December 185229 November 1855Lieutenant in Barracouta, commanded by Commander George Parker then Commander Frederick Henry Stirling, East Indies
30 November 185519 February 1858Lieutenant in Encounter, commanded by Captain George William Douglas O'Callaghan, East Indies and China (on the Russian Pacific coast during the Russian war, then 2nd Anglo-Chinese War)
10 April 18581 September 1858Lieutenant in Agamemnon, commanded by Captain George William Preedy, laying the first Transatlantic cable (initiated 16 August 1858, but stopped working only a couple of weeks later)
4 March 185918 May 1861Commander (2ic) in Chesapeake, commanded by Captain George Ommaney Willes, East Indies and China (including later part of 2nd Anglo-Chinese War)
19 May 186127 July 1861Commander (2ic) in Impérieuse, commanded by George Ommaney Willes, flagship of Rear-Admiral James Hope, China
28 July 186221 March 1863Acting Captain in Impérieuse (until paying off at Portsmouth), China
6 January 186415 June 1867Captain in Duncan, flagship of Vice-Admiral James Hope, North America and West Indies
14 April 18698 June 1869Captain in Cadmus (from commissioning at Sheerness until paying off at Sheerness), for the Flying Squadron (but replaced by Barrosa, due to damage resulting from running aground on Salcombe Rocks on 4 June)
9 June 18697 October 1869Captain in Barrosa, 1869 Flying Squadron
8 October 186929 November 1870Captain in Liffey, 1869 Flying Squadron
1 August 187124 August 1871Captain in Northumberland, temporary service
8 September 187129 August 1872Captain in Minotaur, flagship of Rear-Admiral Geoffrey Thomas Phipps Hornby, Channel squadron

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