Harry Woodfall Brent R.N.
Harry Woodfall Brent R.N.

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Harry Woodfall Brent R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
19 August 1834 Born
1866 Wrote (with Philip Howard Colomb ) 'The Law of Port Helm. An examination into its history and dangerous action; with suggestions for its abolition'
27 February 1911 Died (Cheyne Walk, London)
1848Entered Navy
5 January 1856Lieutenant
3 June 1866Commander
27 April 1875Captain
21 August 1889Retired Captain
1896Retired Rear-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
19 March 1856 Lieutenant and commander in Daisy
12 July 1862 Lieutenant in Edgar, commanded by Fitzgerald Algernon Charles Foley, flagship of Rear-Admiral Sidney Colpoys Dacres, second in command, Mediterranean
1 June 1867 Commander (2ic) in Bellerophon, commanded by Reginald John James George Macdonald, Mediterranean
4 October 18751 November 1877Captain in Undaunted, flagship of Rear-Admiral Reginald John James George Macdonald, East Indies
12 August 18792 March 1881Captain in Himalaya
18811883Director of the Indian Marine
(5 July 1883)17 September 1885Captain in Amethyst (until paying off at Plymouth), south east coast of America (senior officer)
15 September 1885 Captain in Hercules
6 April 1887 Captain in Royal Adelaide, Devonport, flag-ship of the Port Admiral

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