John Bythesea R.N.
John Bythesea R.N.

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John Bythesea R.N.Explanation
Son of Rev. George Bythesea, of Somerset
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
15 June 1827 Born (Freshford, Somerset)
12 August 1854 While serving in Arrogant, he - together with stoker William Johnstone - ambushed couriers carrying Russian dispatches on Waldo Island in the Baltic, for this they were subsequently awarded the Victoria Cross
1875 Married Fanny Prior
1878 C.B. (Companion of the Bath)
1 January 1878 C.I.E. (Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire)
18 May 1906 Died (South Kensington)
1841Entered Navy
12 June 1849Lieutenant
10 May 1856Commander
15 May 1861Captain
5 August 1877Retired Rear-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
22 June 1850 Lieutenant in Arrogant, commanded by Robert Spencer Robinson, particular service
28 September 1852 Lieutenant in Arrogant, commanded by Henry Bartle Edward Frere, Portsmouth
24 October 1853 Lieutenant in Arrogant, commanded by Hastings Reginald Yelverton, Portsmouth, then (1854) the Baltic during the Russian War
12 March 1855 Lieutenant and commander in Locust, Flying Squadron, the Baltic
4 March 18581 May 1861Commander in Cruiser (until paying off at Portsmouth), East Indies and China (including 2nd Anglo-Chinese War)
1862 Served on the Commission to examine Canadian defences
30 March 186311 April 1864Captain in Archer (from commissioning at Woolwich), west coast of Africa (until invalided)
1 April 18661867Additional captain in Duncan, for special service (Naval Attache in Washington)
6 May 186729 November 1870Captain in Phoebe (from commissioning at Plymouth until paying off), Channel squadron, then the West Indies, then 1869 flying squadron (joining at Bahia on 4 August 1869)
14 September 1871April 1872Captain in Lord Clyde, Mediterranean (until, in March 1872, Lord Clyde ran aground on the island of Pantelleria, west of Malta, and had to be towed off by her sister ship, Lord Warden. The subsequent court-martial severely reprimanded Bythesea and the Navigating Officer, dismissed from their ship and neither of them were ever employed at sea again)
18741880Consulting Naval Officer to the Indian Government (until the Indian Navy was restructured)

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