James Carter Campbell R.N.
James Carter Campbell R.N.

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James Carter Campbell R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
7 September 1828 Born (Rochdale, Lancashire, England)
12 April 1860 Married Harriet Maria (1835-1915), daughter of Henry William Vincent (1796-1865)
7 April 1913 Died (Kilberry, Argyll, Scotland)
27 November 1849Mate
25 May 1852Lieutenant
1 April 1858Commander
Date fromDate toService
7 November 184912 July 1850Mate in Howe, commanded by Captain James Stirling, Mediterranean
30 November 185026 July 1853Mate in Calliope, commanded by Captain James Everard Home, Australia1)
27 July 185319 January 1854Mate in Serpent, commanded by Commander Edward Henry Gage Lambert, East Indies
23 January 185414 March 1855Lieutenant in James Watt, commanded by Captain George Augustus Elliot, the Baltic during the Russian War
15 March 18554 October 1857Lieutenant and commander in Lightning (as tender to Duke of Wellington) during the Russian War
14 October 18577 June 1858Lieutenant and commander in Spitfire, West coast of Africa
7 October 18598 October 1864Inspecting Commander of the Coast Guard, Greenock
1)End date of 26 July 1853 according to Service Record in National Archives, but period Navy Lists show him (more logically) on half pay after promotion to Lieutenant in May 1852

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