John Adams R.N.
John Adams R.N.

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John Adams R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
February 1798 Born
21 September 1838 Married, firstly, Mary Anne Gerard (died August 1843, aged 27), daughter of Thomas Gerrard, J.P. of Liscarton Castle, Co. Meath, Ireland
22 April 1846 Married, secondly, Elizabeth Hurst (died 11 May 1891, aged 70), daughter of Henry Ellis of Dublin.
17 December 1866 Died (Weston-super-Mare, Somerset)
Literature: 'Genealogical History of the Family of Adams of Cavan etc.External link, Rev. Benjamin William Adams and Rev. Maxwell Richard William Peers Adams, London, Mitchell and Huges, 1903
Entry in O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
8 June 1806Entered Navy
16 February 1815Lieutenant
10 January 1837Commander
18 December 1843Captain
6 February 1863Rear-Admiral
1 April 1866Retired Rear-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
8 June 180621 November 1809First-class Volunteer in Scout, Captain William Raitt
22 November 180929 December 1810Midshipman in Volontaire, Captain Charles Bullen
30 December 181010 May 1811Midshipman in Cambrian, Captain Charles Bullen
11 May 181126 May 1812Midshipman in Bulwark
27 May 181221 August 1813Midshipman in Christian VII
22 August 181330 May 1815Midshipman in GrasshopperExternal link
31 May 181517 July 1816Lieutenant in Ajax, commanded by Captain George Mundy
17 April 18196 February 1822Lieutenant in Hind, commanded by Commander Sir Charles Burrard
7 October 182219 August 1823Lieutenant in WindsorExternal link Castle, commanded by Captain Charles Dashwood
3 February 182417 October 1824Lieutenant in GrasshopperExternal link, commanded by Captain John George Aplin
18 October 182430 December 1825Lieutenant and commander in Pelter, Newfoundland station
7 March 182629 October 1826Lieutenant in RamilliesExternal link, commanded by Captain Hugh Pigot
30 October 182622 September 1828Lieutenant in Harrier, commanded by Captain William Morier
23 September 18283 May 1829Lieutenant in Childers, commanded by Captain William Morier
4 May 18296 January 1830Lieutenant in Atholl (1820, sixth rate), commanded by Captain Alexander Gordon, on the coast of Africa
7 January 18307 March 1831Lieutenant and commander in Plumper (1813, gun-brig), on the coast of Africa
23 July 183128 July 1834Lieutenant in Alfred, commanded by Captain Robert Maunsell, Mediterannean
17 November 18344 August 1837Lieutenant and commander in Waterwitch, off Spain and on the West African station
19 January 18395 October 1843Commander in Acorn, west coast of Africa, some of the time in charge of the station
1845 Slave Commissioner at Loango
4 January 185015 June 1852Captain in Gladiator (from commissioning at Plymouth until paying off at Portsmouth), west coast of Africa
10 April 185428 November 1857Commodore in Scourge, west coast of Africa

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