Hugh Talbot Burgoyne R.N.
Hugh Talbot Burgoyne R.N.

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Hugh Talbot Burgoyne R.N.Explanation
Only son of Field Marshal Sir John Fox Burgoyne (1782-1871)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
19 July 1833 Born (Dublin)
29 May 1855 In the Sea of Azov, when serving in Swallow during the Russian War, he volunteered to land (with lieutenant Cecil William Buckley of Miranda and gunner John Robarts of Ardent) at a beach where the Russian army were in strength. They were out of covering gunshot range of the ships offshore and met considerable enemy opposition, but managed to set fire to corn stores and ammunition dumps and destroy enemy equipment. For this he was later awarded the Victoria Cross.
25 August 1864 Married Evelyn Laura (1844-1890), daughter of Admiral Sir Baldwin Wake Walker
7 September 1870 Died (when in command of Cowper Phipps Coles' revolutionary masted turret ship, Captain, which capsized off Cape Finisterre during a gale)
1847Entered Navy
18 January 1853Mate
11 January 1854Lieutenant
10 May 1856Commander
15 May 1861Captain
Date fromDate toService
11 January 185416 March 1854Lieutenant in Britomart, commanded by Commander Albert Heseltine, west coast of Africa (senior officer of the Sierre Leone division)
20 March 18544 August 1854Lieutenant in Boscawen, commanded by Captain William Fanshawe Glanville, the Baltic during the Russian War
5 August 185417 August 1854Lieutenant in Waterloo, commanded by Captain Lord Frederick Herbert Kerr, flagship of Vice-Admiral William Gordon, Sheerness
18 August 185417 September 1854Lieutenant in Curlew, commanded by Commander Rowley Lambert, Mediterranean
16 September 18541 July 1855Lieutenant in Swallow, commanded by Commander Frederick Augustus Buchanan Craufurd, Mediterranean (and Black Sea during the Russian War)
2 July 18558 July 1856Lieutenant and commander in Wrangler, Black Sea during the Russian War
16 July 185715 May 1861Commander (2ic) in Ganges, commanded by Captain John Fulford, flagship of Rear-Admiral Robert Lambert Baynes, Pacific
March 1863 Second in command (in the screw sloop Pekin, ex-Mohawk) of Sherard Osborn's Chinese squodron
4 July 186527 September 1865Additional captain in Victory, commanded by Captain Francis Scott, flag-ship, Commander-in-chief Portsmouth, for service in Wivern
28 September 186528 October 1867Captain in Wivern (from commissioning at Portsmouth), Channel squadron
29 October 186724 December 1868Captain in Constance (until paying off at Plymouth), North America and West Indies
1 January 18694 August 1869Additional captain in Indus, commanded by Captain William Garnham Luard, flagship of Rear-Admiral James Robert Drummond, Flag ship of the Admiral Superintendent, Devonport, for service in Captain
29 January 187029 April 1870Additional captain in Duke of Wellington, commanded by Captain George Hancock, flagship of Admiral James Hope, Portsmouth, for service in Captain
30 April 18707 September 1870Captain in Captain, until the ship capsized in a gale whilst cruising off of Cape Finisterre, with the loss of about 480 lives

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