John James Steven Josling R.N.
John James Steven Josling R.N.

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John James Steven Josling R.N.Explanation
Son of Thomas Josling (????-1854)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
1825 Born
28 July 1857 Married Louisa Ellen (1833-1888), daughter of Edward E. Longford (1810-????)
15 August 1863 Died; killed while in command of Euryalus during the bombardment of Kagoshima ('Anglo-Satsuma War')
2 February 1847Mate
25 July 1847Lieutenant
2 November 1854Commander
31 January 1861Captain
Date fromDate toService
25 July 184722 September 1849Lieutenant in Scout, commanded by Commander William Loring then Frederick Erskine Johnston, East Indies
8 July 18504 July 1854Lieutenant in Thetis, commanded by Captain Augustus Leopold Kuper then Captain James Horsford Cockburn, south-east coast of America, then Pacific
7 April 185421 March 1855Lieutenant in Eurydice, commanded by Captain Erasmus Ommanney then John Walter Tarleton, White Sea (during the Russian War, together with Miranda, Edmund Moubray Lyons, and Brisk, Frederick Beauchamp Paget Seymour), then (November 1854) North America and West Indies
8 February 185623 April 1857Commander (2ic) in James Watt, commanded by Captain Talavera Vernon Anson, Devonport
19 February 18584 December 1859Commander (2ic) in Princess Royal, commanded by Captain Thomas Baillie, Mediterranean
5 December 185931 January 1861Commander (2ic) in Queen, commanded by Captain Charles Farrell Hillyar, Mediterranean
10 February 186215 August 1863Captain in Euryalus, flagship of Rear-Admiral Augustus Leopold Kuper on the East Indies and China station (until he was killed during the bombardment of Kagoshima ('Anglo-Satsuma War'))

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