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Victorian Royal Navy vessels

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Name: Follow links in this column for details of the career of unarmoured wooden screw vessels (or for snippets for other vessels in service in the period 1840-1880).
Launched: "1800a" means acquired in 1800; "1800r" means renamed in 1800 to name shown in "Name" column; see "Note" column for original name, under which entry other details are given.
H(ull): C = composite, I = iron, S = steel, W = wood.
P(ropulsion): H = hydraulic, P = paddle, S = screw, W = sail.
B.M. = burthen, builders measure (tons).
Disp. = displacement (tons); during this period displacement was replacing burthen as a measure of the "size" of vessels.
Guns = initial number of guns (may have been different later in career). TT = torpedo tubes.
Fate: year of sale, breaking up or loss; if lost or sold for reuse see details in "Note" column.
SB = ships book in PRO London: ADM 135/xxx (giving the history of the maintenance of the ship - hull, machinery and armament - from construction to disposal).
Note: "1800 = Nnnnnn" means renamed to Nnnnnn in 1800; "1850 screw 1000 bm" means converted to a screw ship of 1000 tons burthen in 1850. c.h. = coal hulk; d.s. = depot ship.; h.s. = harbour service; r.s = receiving ship; t.s. = training ship; MV = mortar vessel; WV = watch vessel; YC = yard craft. Merchant ship names in italics. Data in red are alternate data when sources disagree.

The data are mainly derived from Colledge; Gardner; and Lyon and Winfield. For vessels not given here, try Paul Benyon's Index of 19th Century Naval Vessels. For earlier vessels, go to Mike Phillip's Ships of the Old Navy.

Macedonian1810.06.02WW5th rate10823818??1812.10.25 captured by Americans in the Altantic
Madagascar1822.11.15WW5th rate11674618631853 harbour storeship
Maeander1840.05.05WW5th rate12214418701870.07 wrecked at Ascension
Magdala1870ISBreastwork monitor334041904Coastal defence ship for the harbour of Bombay (now Mumbai)
Magicienne1812.08.08WW5th rate9493618451831 24 gun 6th rate
Magicienne1849.03.02WP2nd class frigate12552300161865293 
Magnet1823.03.30WWPacket brig23731847
Magnet1855.10.19WWMortar vessel155118671855.10 = MV.15. 1857 dockyard craft
Magnificent1806.08.30WW3rd rate17327418431823 r.s. 1825 hospital ship
Magpie1830.09.30WWCutter108419081845 = YC.6, dockyard tank vessel
Magpie1855.03.15WSGunboat232318641864.04.03 wrecked Galway Bay
Magpie1868.02.12WSGunvessel665774418852951878 survey vessel
Maidstone1811.10.18WW5th rate9473618651832 r.s. 1839 c.h.
Majestic1853.12.01WS2nd rate25893482801868296Converted to screw on stocks
Malabar1804.05aWW4th rate935561853ex-Cuvera, purchased. 1805 storeship. 1815 = Coromandel. 1827 convict ship
Malabar1818.12.28WW3rd rate17157419051848 c.h. 1883 = Myrtle
Malabar1866.12.08ISTroopship4189319182971897 base ship. 1901 = Terror
Malacca1853.04.09WSSloop (1862: Corvette)10341758171869298Converted to screw on stocks. Resold to Japanese navy as Tsukuba
Malta1875.01.21IPTug37553001921Sold as mercantine Benshie
Manilla1809.09.11WW5th rate9473618121812.01.28 wrecked off Texel
Manilla1861rSee: Atalante 1860
Manilla1870aStoreship3731872Purchased, ex-Ingeburg
Manly1855.05.16WWMortar vessel117118661855.10 = MV.6. 1866 hulked
Marianne1858aWWReceiving ship4901867ex-slaver purchased
Mariner1878rSee: Juno 1844
Marlborough1855.07.31WS1st rate3853606513119241878 t.s. 1904 = Vernon II. Capsized in tow to breakers
Mars1848.07.01WW2nd rate257634828019293001855 screw. 1869 lent as t.s.
Martin1817.12.08WWSloop3991818171817.12.08 wrecked on west coast of Ireland
Martin1850.09.19WWBrig4811619071890 = Kingfisher, t.s.
Mastiff1813.09.25WWGun-brig1841218511825 survey vessel
Mastiff1855.05.05WWMortar vessel117118751855.10 = MV.7. 1864 = WV.37, Coastguard
Mastiff1856.02.22WSGunboat23241863Laid down as Hound
Mastiff1871.04.04ISGunboat254119313011914 = Snapper
Medea1833.09.02WP2nd class sloop835114241867304
Medina1813.08.13WW6th rate460201832
Medway1812.11.19WW3rd rate17687418651847 convict ship
Meeanee1848.11.11WW2nd rate2591801906303Laid down as Madras. 1857 screw 60 guns. 1867 lent War Dept as hospital ship
Megaera1837.08.17WPSloop7201006218431843.03.04 wrecked Bare Bush Key, Jamaica
Megaera1849.05.22ISFrigate139120251871306Not commissioned as frigate. 1852 troopship. 1871.06.19 beached St Pauls Island, Indian Ocean as unseaworthy
Melampus1820.08.10WW5th rate10894619061854 h.s. 1886-1891 lent War Dept
Melpomene1794aWW5th rate10143818151794.08.10 captured from French at Calvi
Melpomene1857.08.08WSFrigate28613829511875Converted to screw on stocks
Melville1817.02.17WW3rd rate17687418731857 hospital ship at Hong Kong
Menai1814.04.05WW6th rate4492618531831 h.s. 1851 target
Menelaus1810.04.17WW5th rate10773818971832 quarantaine hulk. 1854 lent Customs
Mercury1826.11.16WW5th rate10844619061861 c.h.
Mercury1837.02.07WWCutter tender7019041866 = YC.6. 1876 = Plymouth
Mercury1878.04.17SSDespatch vessel37301019191906 d.s.
Merlin1838.09.18WPPacket889418631854 survey vessel. 1856 gunvessel
Mermaid1825.07.30WW5th rate10854618751850 powder hulk. 1863 lent War Dept
Mermaid1853aCoastguard vessel1890Purchased
Mersey1814.03WW6th rate4512618521832 h.s.
Messenger1830.08WPPacket7339121861Launched 1824. Purchased, ex-Duke of York
Meteor1823.06.25WWBomb3781418461832 = Beacon, survey ship
Meteor1824.02.27WPAuxiliary vessel29634921849
Meteor1855.04.17WSFloating battery1469141861 
Milford1809.04.01WW3rd rate19197818461825 h.s.
Milford1816Tank vessel1852
Minden1810.06.19WW3rd rate17217418611842 hospital hulk at Hong Kong
Minerva1820.06.13WW5th rate10824618951861 h.s.
Minotaur1816.04.15WW3rd rate17267418691842 h.s. 1866 = Hermes
Minotaur1863.12.12ISBroadside ironclad frigate10690361922Laid down as Elephant. 1904 = Boscawen t.s. 1906 = Ganges. 1908 Ganges II
Minstrel1865.02.16WSGunboat268330219073091874 c.h.
Minx1846.09.05ISGunboat30318993101859 tank vessel
Miranda1851.03.18WSSloop (1862: Corvette)10391523141869311Laid down as Grinder
Moa1861.01aW-Coal depot1876Purchased ex-brig
Mohawk1856.01.11WSGunvessel679418623131862 sold to Emperor of China as Pekin
Monarch1832.12.08WW2nd rate22558418661862 target
Monarch1868.05.25ISTurret ship51038320719053141897 guardship. 1904 = Simoom
Monkey1826.06WWSchooner70318311831.05 wrecked on Tampico Bar
Monkey1837.03aWPPacket2121888Launched 1821. Transferred from Post Office. ex-Royal Sovereign, King George the Fourth (1821), ex-Royal Sovereign (1821), ex-Sovereign (18??). 1839 tug.
Monmouth1868rSee: Hotspur 1828
Montreal1814r0See: Wolfe 1813
Montreal1839aWWSchooner18481839.10.18 purchased
Moslem1854.08aIPVessel1856Purchased, ex-Torok
Mount Edgcombe1876rSee: Winchester 1822
Mulgrave1812.01.01WW3rd rate17267418541836 lazaretto. 1844 powder hulk
Musquito1851.07.29WWBrig549161862Sold to Prussian navy
Mutine1825.05.19WWPacket brig231418??1841 sold as Aladdin
Mutine1844.04.20WWBrig4281218481848.12.21 wrecked in a gale near Venice (5 lost)
Mutine1859.07.30WSSloop (1862: Corvette)8821291171870316
Myrmidon1813.06.18WW6th rate509201823
Myrmidon1867.06.05WSGunvessel69787718891867.10 survey vessel
Myrtle1837.09aWPPacket1161868317Launched 1831. Transferred from Post office, ex-Firefly. 1866 tug
Myrtle1883rSee: Malabar 1818

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