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Victorian Royal Navy vessels

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Name: Follow links in this column for details of the career of unarmoured wooden screw vessels (or for snippets for other vessels in service in the period 1840-1880).
Launched: "1800a" means acquired in 1800; "1800r" means renamed in 1800 to name shown in "Name" column; see "Note" column for original name, under which entry other details are given.
H(ull): C = composite, I = iron, S = steel, W = wood.
P(ropulsion): H = hydraulic, P = paddle, S = screw, W = sail.
B.M. = burthen, builders measure (tons).
Disp. = displacement (tons); during this period displacement was replacing burthen as a measure of the "size" of vessels.
Guns = initial number of guns (may have been different later in career). TT = torpedo tubes.
Fate: year of sale, breaking up or loss; if lost or sold for reuse see details in "Note" column.
SB = ships book in PRO London: ADM 135/xxx (giving the history of the maintenance of the ship - hull, machinery and armament - from construction to disposal).
Note: "1800 = Nnnnnn" means renamed to Nnnnnn in 1800; "1850 screw 1000 bm" means converted to a screw ship of 1000 tons burthen in 1850. c.h. = coal hulk; d.s. = depot ship.; h.s. = harbour service; r.s = receiving ship; t.s. = training ship; MV = mortar vessel; WV = watch vessel; YC = yard craft. Merchant ship names in italics. Data in red are alternate data when sources disagree.

The data are mainly derived from Colledge; Gardner; and Lyon and Winfield. For vessels not given here, try Paul Benyon's Index of 19th Century Naval Vessels. For earlier vessels, go to Mike Phillip's Ships of the Old Navy.

Illustrious1803.09.03WW3rd rate17467418681854 gunnery ship
Imaum1836aWW3rd rate1776761863ex-E. Indiaman Liverpool, launched 1826.11.10. Presented by Imaum of Muscat. 1842 h.s.
Imogene1831.06.24WW6th rate6602818401840.09.19 burnt by accident at Plymouth
Imogene1864Coastguard vessel300219031884 = Argus
Impérieuse1793aWW5th rate10404018581793.10.11 captured from the French. 1803.09.03 = Unité. 1832 h.s.
Impérieuse1852.09.15WSFrigate23583345511867247Converted to screw on stocks
Impérieuse1914rSee: Audacious 1869
Implacable1805aWW3rd rate18827419491805.11.03 captured Duguay-Trouin (French). 1855 t.s. 1912 te be preserved. 1949.12.02 scuttled off the Owers
Impregnable1810.08.01WW2nd rate24069819061862 training ship. 88.11.09 = Kent. 91.09.22 = Caledonia
Impregnable1886rSee: Howe 1860
Impregnable III1907rSee: Inconstant 1868
Impregnable III1910rSee: Black Prince 1861
Impregnable III1922rSee: Ganges 1821
Impregnable IV1916rSee: Circe 1827
Impregnable IV1919rSee: Caroline 1882
Inconstant1836.06.10WW5th rate1422361862
Inconstant1868.11.12ISUnarmoured frigate5780161956249Also ships book ADM 136/49. 1898 h.s. 1907 = Impregnable III. 1922 = Defiance IV. 1930 = Defiance II
Indefatigable1848.07.27WW4th rate204426265019141865 t.s.
Indian1855.09aSurvey schooner1856ex-Relampago
Indus1812.12.19WW3rd rate17567418681818 = Bellona. 1840 h.s.
Indus1839.03.16WW2nd rate26538018981860 guardship
Indus1898rSee: Defence 1861
Indus II1904rSee: Temeraire 1876
Indus III1904rSee: Bellerophon 1865
Indus IV1904rSee: Valiant 1863
Indus IV1912rSee: Triumph 1870
Indus V1910rSee: Ganges 1821
Industry1814.10.13WWTransport318418461820 h.s.
Industry1854.04aISStoreship638110019112501901 boom defence vessel
Infernal1843.05.31WP1st class sloop10541379618641844 = Eclair. 1846 = Rosamond. 1863 floating factory
Inflexible1845.05.24WP1st class sloop112461864
Intrepid1850.03aWSDiscovery sloop1854ex-Free Trade, purchased. 1854.06.15 abandoned in the Artic
Investigator1811.04.23WWSurvey brig1211618571837 police ship
Investigator1848.02aWWDiscovery vessel4801853Abandoned in the Artic
Investigator1861.11.16WPSurvey vessel1491869253
Invincible1808.03.15WW3rd rate16747418611857 c.h.
Invincible1869.05.29ISCentral battery ironclad377460101419141904 = Erebus, t.s. 1906 = Fisgard II. 1914.09.17 foundered off Portland
Iphigenia1808.04.26WW5th rate8703618511833-1848 lent to Marine Society
Iris1840.07.14WW6th rate906261869Sold as cable vessel
Iris1877.04.12SSDespatch vessel3730101905
Iron Duke1870.03.01ISCentral battery ironclad6010141906254
Irresistible1859.10.27WS2nd rate258938428018942551868 h.s.
Isis1819.10.05WW4th rate13216018671861 c.h.
Jackdaw1830.08.04WWCutter108418351835.03.11 wrecked in West Indies
Jackdaw1855.05.18WSGunboat232318882571868 hulk
James Watt1853.04.23WS2nd rate30834614911875258Planned as sailer Audacious
Janus1856.03.08WSGunboat233218711869 hulk
Jaseur1857.03.07WSGunboat310318591859.02.26 wrecked Baxo Nuovo, W. Indies
Jaseur1862.05.15WSGunvessel42857051874259Sold to Irish Light Commissioner
Jasper1820.07.26WSBrig2352971018281828.10.11 Wrecked off Levkas
Jasper1837.04aWPPacket2331854Transferred from Post Office, ex-Aladdin. Burnt 1854.05.15 after explosion off Beachy Head
Jasper1855.04.02WSGunboat232318551855.07.24 wrecked at Krivaia, Sea of Azov
Jasper1857.03.16WSGunboat30131862Sold to Emperor of China as Amoy
Java1815.11.16WW4th rate1460521862
Joseph Straker1868rSee: Diamond 1848
Julia1863Store carrier1871
Julia1868aCoastguard vessel151891
Jumna1848.03.07WWBrig-sloop549161862Laid down as Zebra
Jumna1866.09.24ISTroopship41736211319222621893 = C.110, c.h. Sold as hulk Oceanic
Juno1844.07.01WW6th rate9232618801878 = Mariner, police ship. 1878 = Atalanta, t.s. 1880.02.12 foundered in Atlantic
Jupiter1813.11.22WW4th rate11735018701837 troopship. 1846 c.h.
Jupiter1869rSee: Forth 1833
Justitia1830rSee: Hindostan 1804
Kangaroo1852.08.31WWBrig483121897Laid down as Dove. 1863 = WV.20, Coastguard
Kangaroo1882rSee: Dart 1860
Kent1888rSee: Impregnable 1810
Kertch1855.07.14WWSchooner gunboat942187?1860 = YC.1
Kestrel1856.05.20WSGunboat233218662651859.06.25 wrecked in action at Peiho forts, China, but salvaged and reentered service
Kingfisher1845.04.08WWBrig4461218901875 h.s.
Kingfisher1890rSee: Martin 1850
Kingston1858.04aWWSchooner1091861ex-slaver Cortes
Kite1837.07aWPGunvessel3001864267Launched 1825? Transferred from Post Office, ex-Aetna
Kite1871.02.08ISGunboat25411920268Became a dredger
Lancaster1823.08.23WW4th rate1476581864
Landrail1855.05aWPTug361856ex-Gipsy King
Landrail1860.03.28WSGunvessel42857051869269Sold as Walrus
Lapwing1825.02.20WWPacket brig22818611845 breakwater
Lark1830.06.23WWSurvey cutter109218601849-58 lent to Liberia
Lark1893r272See: Cruizer 1852
Larne1832rSee: Lightning 1829
Latona1781.03.13WW5th rate9443818161781 h.s.
Latona1821.06.16WW5th rate1071461875
Laurel1813.05.31WW5th rate10883818851864 h.s.
Lavinia1806.03.06WW5th rate11724818681836 h.s. 1868 sunk in collision with SS Cimbria in Plymouth harbour
Lavinia1870rSee: Seahorse 1830
Leander1848.03.08WW4th rate19875018672741861 screw 2759 bm
Leda1828.04.15WW5th rate11714619061864 police hulk
Lee1857.02.28WSGunboat301318591859.06.25 sunk in action with Peiho forts, China
Leonidas1807.09.04WW5th rate10673618941872 powder hulk
Leopard1850.11.05WP1st class frigate1406181867276
Leven1813.12.23WW6th rate4572018481820 survey ship. 1827 h.s.
Leviathan1790.10.09WW3rd rate17077418481816 convict ship. 1846 target
Liberty1850.06.11WWTraining brig4284471905
Liffey1856.05.06WSFrigate212639155119032791878 store hulk
Lightning1823.09.19WPGunvessel296349218722801854 survey vessel
Lightning1829.06.02WWSloop4631818661832 = Larne
Lily1837.09.28WWBrig4321619081860 c.h. 18?? = C.29. 18?? = C.15
Linnet1813WWBrig3501618141814.09.11 captured by Americans on Lake Champlain
Linnet1817.01.03WWSurvey cutter8018330
Linnet1835.07.27WWPacket brig361818661857 Coastguard. 1863 = WV.36
Lion1823WWSchooner881826in service by 1823
Lion1847.07.29WW2nd rate25808019052831859 screw. 1871 t.s.
Lively1813.07.14WW5th rate10803818621831 h.s.
Lively1856.02.23WSGunboat232418631863.12.23 wrecked on Dutch coast but salvaged and sold as Helgolanderin
Lively1870.12.10WPDispatch vessel842985218832841883.06.07 wrecked Stornaway
Lizard1840.01.07WPVessel283470318431843.07.24 collided with French paddle sloop Veloce off Spain
Locust1840.04.18WPGunvessel283470118942871869 tug
London1840.09.28WW2nd rate259043759018842881858 screw. 1874 h.s.
Lord Clyde1864.10.13WSBroadside ironclad40677750241885290
Lord Warden1865.05.27WSBroadside ironclad40807842201889
Lucifer1837aWPGunvessel38721893Transferred from Post Office, ex-Comet. 1875 = WV.41, Coastguard
Lyra1821.06.01WWBrig-sloop2351018451823 tender. 1829 packet brig

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