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Mid-Victorian Royal Navy vessels

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Name: Follow links in this column for details of the career of unarmoured wooden screw vessels (or for snippets for other vessels).
Launched: "1800a" means acquired in 1800; "1800r" means renamed in 1800 to name shown in "Name" column; see "Note" column for original name, under which entry other details are given.
H(ull): C = composite, I = iron, S = steel, W = wood.
P(ropulsion): H = hydraulic, P = paddle, S = screw, W = sail.
B.M. = burthen, builders measure (tons).
Disp. = displacement (tons); during this period displacement was replacing burthen as a measure of the "size" of vessels.
Guns = initial number of guns (may have been different later in career). TT = torpedo tubes.
Fate: year of sale, breaking up or loss; if lost or sold for reuse see details in "Note" column.
SB = ships book in PRO London: ADM 135/xxx (giving the history of the maintenance of the ship - hull, machinery and armament - from construction to disposal).
Note: "1800 = Nnnnnn" means renamed to Nnnnnn in 1800; "1850 screw 1000 bm" means converted to a screw ship of 1000 tons burthen in 1850. c.h. = coal hulk; d.s. = depot ship.; h.s. = harbour service; r.s = receiving ship; t.s. = training ship; MV = mortar vessel; WV = watch vessel; YC = yard craft. Merchant ship names in italics. Data in red are alternate data when sources disagree.

The data are mainly derived from Colledge; Gardner; and Lyon and Winfield. For vessels not given here, try Paul Benyon's Index of 19th Century Naval Vessels. For earlier vessels, go to Mike Phillip's Ships of the Old Navy.

Daedalus1826.05.02WW5th rate10834619111843 reduced to 20 guns, 1862 RNR drill ship
Daedalus1916rSee: Thunderbolt 1856
Danae1867.05.21WSSloop (1876: Corvette)12871719619061181886 hulk, lent to War Dept
Daphne1838.08.06WW6th rate726181864
Dapper1855.03.31WSGunboat232319221201855 training hulk. 1897 cooking depot. 1090 = YC.37
Dart1847WWBrigantine319318751863 = WV.26
Dart1860.03.10WSGunvessel828570518842641882 = Kangaroo
Dartmouth1813.08.28WW5th rate9523618541831 h.s.
Dauntless1804,11WWSloop426181807.05.26 captured by French at Danzig
Dauntless1847.01.05WSFrigate145325202418851221850 lengthened 1575 bm
Dee1832.04.05WP2nd class sloop70441871125Converted to paddle on stocks. 1852 troopship. 1868 storeship
Defence1815.04.25WW3rd rate1754741857Laid down as Marathon. 1849 convict ship. 1857.07.14 burnt by accident
Defence1861.04.24ISBroadside ironclad frigate327062702219351261885 h.s. 1898 = Indus, t.s. 1922 hulk
Defiance1861.03.27WS2nd rate347552708119311884 torpedo school
Defiance II1904rSee: Perseus 1861
Defiance II1930rSee: Inconstant 1868
Defiance III1922rSee: Cleopatra 1878
Defiance IV1922rSee: Inconstant 1868
Delight1829.11.27WWPacket brig23741844
Delight1856.03.15WSGunboat23241867127Sold as M.A. Starr
Deptford1788aWWTransport brig6186218?? mooring lighter
Despatch1851.11.25WWBrig4831219011863 (= Cadmus) = WV.24, Coastguard
Despatch1869Tank vessel1905128
Desperate1849.04.23WSSloop1038166381865129Launched 1849.05.23
Devastation1841.07.03WP1st class sloop1059138061867130
Devastation1871.07.12ISTurret ship4406938741908
Devonshire1812.09.23WW3rd rate17427418691849 h.s.
Diamond1848.08.29WW6th rate10512818851866 lent as t.s. 1868 = Joseph Straker
Diana1822.01.08WW5th rate10834618741868 h.s.
Dido1836.06.13WWCorvette7341819031860 c.h.
Dido1869.10.23WSSloop (1876: Corvette)12771755619221321886 hulk. 1906 = Actaeon II
Diligence1814.09.30WSTransport31719041861 c.h. Later renamed C.72
Diomede1798.01.17WW4th rate1123501815
Discovery1874.12aWSVessel55612471902Launched 1873 as whaler Bloodhound. Purchased for 1875 Arctic expedition
Dolphin1819rSee: Hindostan 1804
Dolphin1836.06.14WWBrigantine319318941861 Customs w.v.
Donegal1798aWW3rd rate19017618451798.10.12 captured as Hoche (French)
Donegal1858.09.23WS2nd rate3245546110119251886 = Vernon, torpedo school
Doris1808.09aWW5th Rate8703618??1807.03.27 launched as E. Indiaman Salsette. 1807.10.03 = Pitt. 1808.04.03 = Doris
Doterel1808.10.06WWBrig-sloop3871818481827.04 hulk
Doterel1837aWPPacket2371850Transferred from Post Office, ex-Escape
Dove1823aWWPacket brig618291823 Purchased
Dover1840IPPacket22418661361st iron vessel in RN. 1847 gunboat 1
Dragon1798.04.02WW3rd rate18157418501824 h.s. 1842 = Fame, hulk
Dragon1845.06.17WP2nd class frigate1270210061865 
Drake1834.03.25WWDockyard lighter10918671854 mortar vessel. 1855 = MV.1. 1856 = Sheppey, dockyard lighter
Drake1888rSee: Sheldrake 1875
Drake1906rSee: Sheldrake 1875
Dreadnought1801.06.13WW2nd rate21109818571827 hospital ship
Dreadnought1856rSee: Caledonia 1808
Dreadnought1875.03.08ISTurret ship1082041908Laid down as Fury. 1903 hulk
Driver1840.12.24WP1st class sloop10551379618611861.08 wrecked Mariguana Island
Dromedary1806rSee: Howe 1805
Drudge1916rSee: Ready 1872
Druid1825.07.01WW5th rate1170461863
Dryad1795.06.04WW5th rate9243618601832 h.s.
Dublin1812.02.13WW3rd rate17727418851826 50 guns. 1845 h.s.
Duke of Wellington1852rSee: Windsor Castle 1852
Duncan1811.12.02WW3rd rate17617418631826 h.s.
Duncan1859.12.13WS2nd rate3727572410119101890 = Pembroke h.s. 1905 = Tenedos II
Durham1867rSee: Active 1845
Dwarf1843aISVessel16418531843.06.22 purchased, ex-Mermaid

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