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Victorian Royal Navy vessels

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Name: Follow links in this column for details of the career of unarmoured wooden screw vessels (or for snippets for other vessels in service in the period 1840-1880).
Launched: "1800a" means acquired in 1800; "1800r" means renamed in 1800 to name shown in "Name" column; see "Note" column for original name, under which entry other details are given.
H(ull): C = composite, I = iron, S = steel, W = wood.
P(ropulsion): H = hydraulic, P = paddle, S = screw, W = sail.
B.M. = burthen, builders measure (tons).
Disp. = displacement (tons); during this period displacement was replacing burthen as a measure of the "size" of vessels.
Guns = initial number of guns (may have been different later in career). TT = torpedo tubes.
Fate: year of sale, breaking up or loss; if lost or sold for reuse see details in "Note" column.
SB = ships book in PRO London: ADM 135/xxx (giving the history of the maintenance of the ship - hull, machinery and armament - from construction to disposal).
Note: "1800 = Nnnnnn" means renamed to Nnnnnn in 1800; "1850 screw 1000 bm" means converted to a screw ship of 1000 tons burthen in 1850. c.h. = coal hulk; d.s. = depot ship.; h.s. = harbour service; r.s = receiving ship; t.s. = training ship; MV = mortar vessel; WV = watch vessel; YC = yard craft. Merchant ship names in italics. Data in red are alternate data when sources disagree.

The data are mainly derived from Colledge; Gardner; and Lyon and Winfield. For vessels not given here, try Paul Benyon's Index of 19th Century Naval Vessels. For earlier vessels, go to Mike Phillip's Ships of the Old Navy.

Bacchante1811.03.16WW5th rate10773818581837 h.s.
Bacchus1813.04.17WWBrig-sloop38418182901829 breakwater at Harwich
Bacchus1844rSee: Arethusa 1817
Badger1808.07.23WWBrig-sloop2401018601835 mooring vessel
Badger1854.09.23WSGunboat21641864Laid down as Ranger
Banterer1855.09.29WSGunboat23241872371859.06.28 sunk Peiho and later salvaged
Banterer1915rSee: Plucky 1870
Barham1811.07.08WW3rd rate17617418401826.10 50 gun 5th rate
Baron von Humboldt1855.09aISStoreship4401888Acquired from Treasury. 1856 = Buffalo
Barracouta1820.05.13WWBrig-sloop2351018361829 packet brig
Barrosa1812.10.12WW5th rate9473618411823 h.s.
Basilisk1848.08.22WP1st class sloop1031171061882 
Beacon1832rSee: Meteor 1823
Beacon1855.04.21WWMortar vessel117118??1855.10 = MV.16. 1862 dockyard lighter
Beagle1820.05.11WWBrig-sloop2371018701825 survey vessel. 1846 Customs w.v. 1863 = WV.7
Beagle1854.07.20WSGunvessel477218891865 = Kanko, Japanese navy
Beaver1837aWPPacket1141858Transferred from Post Office, ex-Salamander. 1845 dockyard lighter
Bee1842.02.28WPTraining vessel42187441Paddle and screw propulsion
Belleisle1819.04.26WW3rd rate1706618721841 20 gun troopship. 1854 hospital ship
Belleisle1876.02.12ISCentral battery ironclad487041904Laid down as Turkish Peyk-i-Sheref. Purchased on stocks. 1900 target.
Bellerophon1824rSee: Waterloo 1818
Bellerophon1865.05.26ISCentral battery ironclad42707551151922421892 guard ship. 1904 = Indus III, training ship for stokers.
Bellona1818rSee: Indus 1812
Belvidera1809.12.23WW5th rate9463619061846 h.s.
Benbow1813.02.03WW3rd rate17737218951848 h.s.1859 c.h.
Bermuda1813.04aWSYacht4301841American prize; ex-'Delaware' pilot-boat
Bermuda1848.03WWSchooner180318551855.02.24 wrecked on Turks Island, W. Indies
Birkenhead1845.12.30IP2nd class frigate1405191861846Laid down as Vulcan. 1848 troopship. 1852.02.26 wrecked in Algoa Bay, South Africa
Biter1855.05.05WSGunboat23231904431865 c.h. 18?? = C.16
Black Eagle1842rSee: Firebrand 1831
Black Prince1816.03.30WW3rd rate17517418551848 prison ship
Black Prince1861.02.27ISIronclad broadside frigate6109921040192346Laid down as Invincible. 1899 t.s. 1903 = Emerald. 1910 = Impregnable III
Blake1819rSee: Bombay 1808
Blanche1819.05.26WW5th rate10744618651852 h.s.
Blanche1867.08.17WSSloop (1876: Corvette)126816826188647
Blazer1834.05WPSloop52718531843 survey ship
Blazer1855.05.05WWMortar vessel117118??1855.10 = MV.3. 18??=YC.12. 1867 to Thames Conservancy Board
Blazer1856.02.23WSGunboat2321877481868 = YC.29 steam-dredger
Blazer1870.12.07ISGunboat25411919491904 tender. 1914 gunboat
Blenheim1813.05.31WW3rd rate1747741865501831 h.s. 1847 screw blockship 1822 bm, 60 guns
Blonde1819.01.12WW5th rate11034618951850 h.s. 1870 = Calypso
Blonde1873rSee: Shah 1873
Bloodhound1871.04.22ISGunboat25411921531905 tender. 1917 boom defence vessel
Blossom1806.12.10WWSloop4271818481833 hulk
Blossom1856.04.21WSGunboat2122186454Laid down as Careful
Boadicea1797.04.12WW5th rate10523818581854 h.s.
Bombay1805aWW5th rate6723818571793 launched in Bombay. 1805 purchased. 1808.07.01 = Ceylon
Bombay1808.03.28WW3rd rate17017418551819 = Blake. 1828 h.s.
Bombay1828.02.17WW2nd rate22798418641861 screw 2783 bm 91 guns. 1864.12.14 accidentally burnt off Montevideo
Bonetta1871.05.22ISGunboat2541190956Sold as salvage vessel Dispenser. 1940.4 lost.
Bonita1864.08aWWDockyard cutter781887
Boscawen1844.04.03WW3rd rate22127019141874 = Wellesley, t.s. 1914.03 damaged by fire in Tyne and broken up
Boscawen1873r57See: Trafalgar 1841
Boscawen1904rSee: Minotaur 1863
Boscawen III1904rSee: Agincourt 1865
Boxer1837.04aPPacket1591841Transferred from Post Office, ex-Ivanhoe
Boyne1810.07.03WW2nd rate21559818611834 = Excellent gunnery ship. 1859 = Queen Charlotte
Bramble1822.04.08WWCutter1611018761842 survey vessel. 1853 lent as diving-bell vessel. 1876 sold as lightship
Brave1856.02.11WSGunboat2324186961Never completed for sea
Brazen1808.05.26WW6th rate4222618481827 floating chapel
Brilliant1814.12.28WW5th rate9543619081843 reduced to 22 guns. 1959 RNR t.s. 1889 = Briton
Brisk1819.02.10WWBrig-sloop2371018431830 brgantine
Brisk1851.06.02WSSloop (1862: Corvette)1087147414187062Sold for mercantile service
Britannia1820.10.20WW1st rate261612018691859 t.s.
Britannia1869r64See: Prince of Wales 1860
Britomart1847.06.12WWBrig329818741857 Coastguard. 1863 = WV.25
Britomart1860.05.70WSGunboat26821946Sold 1892. Resold as mooring hulk
Briton1812.04.11WW5th rate10803818601841 convict ship. 1860 target
Briton1889rSee: Brilliant 1814
Bruiser1854.12.08ISProvision vessel5801857Robert Stephenson purchased on stocks.
Bruiser1867.04.23WS26833021886Keel laid down in 1861
Brune1808.11aWW5th rate10903818381808.11.10 French Thetis captured. 1810 troopship
Brunswick1855.06.01WS2nd rate2492363280186767Converted to screw on stocks
Buffalo1813.11aWSStoreship589161841ex-East Indiaman 'Hindostan'. 1831 Timber carrier. 1841.07.28 wrecked in Mercury Bay, New Zealand
Buffalo1856rSee: Baron von Humboldt 1855
Bulldog1845.10.02WP1st class sloop112461865681865.10.23 burnt off Haiti
Bullfrog1838.08.17WSSchooner9641841Purchased. Canadian lakes.
Bulwark1885rSee: Howe 1860
Bulwark1919rSee: Howe 1860
Bustler1855aWPTug2171894Built 1854 as mercantile Merry Andrew

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