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Mid-Victorian Royal Navy vessels

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Name: Follow links in this column for details of the career of unarmoured wooden screw vessels (or for snippets for other vessels).
Launched: "1800a" means acquired in 1800; "1800r" means renamed in 1800 to name shown in "Name" column; see "Note" column for original name, under which entry other details are given.
H(ull): C = composite, I = iron, S = steel, W = wood.
P(ropulsion): H = hydraulic, P = paddle, S = screw, W = sail.
B.M. = burthen, builders measure (tons).
Disp. = displacement (tons); during this period displacement was replacing burthen as a measure of the "size" of vessels.
Guns = initial number of guns (may have been different later in career). TT = torpedo tubes.
Fate: year of sale, breaking up or loss; if lost or sold for reuse see details in "Note" column.
SB = ships book in PRO London: ADM 135/xxx (giving the history of the maintenance of the ship - hull, machinery and armament - from construction to disposal).
Note: "1800 = Nnnnnn" means renamed to Nnnnnn in 1800; "1850 screw 1000 bm" means converted to a screw ship of 1000 tons burthen in 1850. c.h. = coal hulk; d.s. = depot ship.; h.s. = harbour service; r.s = receiving ship; t.s. = training ship; MV = mortar vessel; WV = watch vessel; YC = yard craft. Merchant ship names in italics. Data in red are alternate data when sources disagree.

The data are mainly derived from Colledge; Gardner; and Lyon and Winfield. For vessels not given here, try Paul Benyon's Index of 19th Century Naval Vessels. For earlier vessels, go to Mike Phillip's Ships of the Old Navy.

Talavera1818.10.15WW3rd rate1718741840Ordered as Thunderer. 1840.09.27 burned by accident at Plymouth
Talbot1824.10.09WW6th rate5002818961855 powder hulk
Tamar1863.01.05ISTroopship28124650319414651897 base ship. 1941 scuttled at Hong Kong
Tartar1814.04.06WW5th rate9493818591830 r.s.
Tartar1854.05.17WSCorvette13221965181866466ex-Russian Wojn, seized on stocks
Tavy1797WWStoreship17118691862 = YC.11, luggage lighter
Tees1817.05.17WW6th rate4522818721826.10 lent as church ship
Temeraire1876.05.09IPcentral-battery ironclad85711419211904.04 = Indus II, t.s.
Tenedos1812.04.11WW5th rate10833818751843 convict hulk
Tenedos1870.05.13WSSloop (1876: Corvette)1275175561887468
Tenedos1904rSee: Triumph 1870
Tenedos II1905rSee: Duncan 1859
Tenedos III1906rSee: Ganges 1821
Termagant1822.11.15WW6th rate5002818621824 = Herald, survey ship
Terpsichore1847.03.18WWSloop6021818661865 torpedo target
Terrible1845.02.06WP1st class frigate18503189191879Laid down as Simoom
Terror1813.06.29WWBomb3261018481836 discovery vessel. 1848 abandoned in Artic
Terror1856.04.28ISFloating battery18441619024701857 base ship
Terror1901rSee: Malabar 1866
Thais1856.02IPTug27801869471Double ended tug/ferry 302 bm
Thalia1830.01WW5th rate1082461867
Thalia1869.07.14WSCorvette14592240619204721886 troopship. 1891 powder hulk. 1915 base ship
Thames1805WWCutter tender6518721866 = YC.2, dockyard craft
Thames1823.08.21WW5th rate10884618631841 convict ship. 1863.09.06 sunk at moorings
Thetis1846.08.21WW5th rate1524361855
Thisbe1824.09.09WW5th rate10834618921863 lent as church ship
Thunder1829.08.04WWBomb3721218511833 survey vessel
Thunder1855.04.17WSIronclad floating battery1469141874476 
Thunderbolt1842.01.13WP1st class sloop10591669618471847.02.03 wrecked Cape Recife, S. Africa
Thunderbolt1856.04.22ISFloating battery19541618481873 floating pier-head.1916-1919 = Daedalus, depot ship. 1948 rammed and sunk
Thunderer1831.09.22WW2nd rate22798419011863 target. 1869 = Comet. 1870 = Nettle
Thunderer1872.03.25ISTurret ship4407933041909
Tiger1849.12.01WPSloop12211018541852 rated 2nd class frigate. 1854.05.12 ran aground off Odessa and later destroyed by Russian fire
Topaze1814.03aWW5th rate1060381851ex-Etoile (French), 1814.03.27 captured off La Hogue.1823 r.s. 1850 target
Toronto1838aWP18431838.07.07 purchased ex-Sir Charles Adam
Tortoise1789.04.27WWStore lighter1441863
Tortoise1807rSee: Sir Edward Hughes 1806
Tourmaline1875.10.30CSCorvette21201219201899 c.h. 1904 = C.115
Trafalgar1820.07.26WW1st rate240410619061825 = Camperdown. 1854 h.s. 1857 c.h. 1882 = Pitt.
Trafalgar1841.06.21WW1st rate26941101906571859 screw 89 guns. 1873 = Boscawen
Trafalgar1887.09.20ISTurret ship11940181911
Transit1855.03.20ISTroopship25871857Purchased on stocks. 1857.07.10 wrecked in Banka Strait
Traveller1839aWP1839.04.30 purchased. 1844 sold for mercantile service
Tremendous1784.10.30WW3rd rate16567418971810 rebuilt 1706 bm. 1845 = Grampus, reduced to 50 guns. 1856 powder hulk.
Tribune1803.07.05WW5th rate8843618391833 24 gun 6th rate. 1839.11.28 wrecked near Tarragona
Trincomalee1817.10.12WW5th rate10661447461847 26-gun 6th rate. 1861 RNR drillship. 1897 sold as Foudroyant, t.s., 1990 = Trincomalee, preserved
Trinculo1860.09.15WSGunboat268330218701870.09.05 wrecked after collision with SS Moratin off Gibraltar
Triumph1764.03.03WW3rd rate18257418501813 h.s.
Triumph1870.09.27ISCentral battery ironclad66401419214811900 h.s. 1904 = Tenedos d.s. then t.s. 1912 = Indus IV. 1915 = Algiers
Trustful1917rSee: Trusty 1866
Trusty1855.08.18WSArmoured floating battery1539141864482
Trusty1866.02.14IPTug319521019204831917 = Trustful
Turtle1865aISTug3741018734841864.01.03 launched. Purchased ex-mercentile. 1873.04.17 foundered at Ascension Island
Tweed1823.04.14WW6th rate500281852
Tyne1826.11.30WW6th rate6002818621848 storeship
Tyne1867rSee: Active 1845
Tyne1878aISStoreship3560219201878.01.19 launched as mercantile Mariotis. 1920.11,15 foundered awaiting sale
Tyrian1826.09.16WWBrig-sloop2331018921847 quarantine hulk. 1866 Coastguard d.s.
Tyrian1861.09.07WSGunboat268330218911883 tug
Undaunted1807.10.17WW5th rate10863818601856 target
UndineSee: Windfire 1888
Unicorn1824.03.30WW5th rate1084461860 powder hulk. 1873 RNR drill ship. 1939 = Unicorn II. 1941 = Cressy. 1959 = Unicorn. 1968 preserved. still extant.
Unicorn II1939rSee: Unicorn 1824
Union1823aWWSchooner85318281828.05.17 wrecked in West Indies
Unique1807.09aWWGun-brig1831218091807.09.23 captured from French in West Indies. 1809.05.31 burnt by French at Guadeloupe
Unity1788WWStore vessel142187818?? = YC.13
Unité1803rSee: Impérieuse 1793
Urgent1837.07aWPPacket5611850Transferred from Post Office, ex-Collonsay
Urgent1855.04.02ISTroopship280121903486Laid down as Assaye, purchased on stocks. 1876 d.s.

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