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British Consuls and Consuls-General at Zanzibar

1840-1857Atkins Hamerton
1858-1860Christopher Palmer Rigby
1861-1862Lewis Pelly
1862-1865Robert Lambert Playfair
1865-1870Henry Adrian Churchill
1870-1873John Kirk
1873-1886John Kerk
1887-1888Claude Maxwell Macdonald
1888-1891Charles Bean Euan Smith
1891-1893Gerald Portal
1893-1894James Rennell Rodd
1894-1900Arthur Henry Hardinge
1900-1904Charles Norton Edgecumbe Eliot
1904-1909Basil Shillito Cave
1909-1913Edward Clarke

In 1891 a British protectorate was established under a Consul-General subject to the Foreign Office. In 1913 the Colonial Office assumed control, although the form of the protectorate remained, and a Resident was appointed. In 1963 Zanzibar became independent, and in 1964 it joined neighbouring Tanganyika to form Tanzania.

Source: Henige

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